Gate 10 Behavior of the Self (Treading)

The energy of self-love. These gates carry the energy of understanding the norms of behavior accepted in society. People whose lives are an expression of their own uniqueness.
The Gate of the Behaviour of the Self

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: G
  • Circuit: Centering
  • The Channel of Awakening (10-20), The Channel of Exploration (10-34) and The Channel of Perfected Form (10-57)
  • Quarter (IV): Mutation
  • Deity: Vishnu
  • Physiology: Heart (chest)
  • Additional Notes: Mystic Gate, Role Gate

These people are here to express one of the 6 behavioral lines. Accordingly, in the 10th Gate they are called: Explorer, Hermit, Martyr, Opportunist, Heretic and Role Model.
Such people are often deeply concerned about the behavior of other people. When the 10th Gate is connected to the 20th, it makes it possible to express yourself verbally and suddenly, but not necessarily consciously.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
Modesty. An innate sense to know and accept one's place.
Sun exalted. A valued sense of purpose no matter what the position. The ability to know one's place and how to act despite circumstances.
The Moon in detriment. The affliction of oversensitivity and hurt feeling. Oversensitivity to external conditioning of behaviour.
Line 2
The hermit. The successful sidestepping of behavioral requirements through isolation.
Mercury exalted. Mercury exalted, where mental functions enrich aloneness. Independent behaviour through isolation.
Mars in detriment. The angry exile. Isolation to preserve independent behaviour in the face of conditioning.
Line 3
The martyr. The futile rejection of standards based on a just awareness.
The Earth exalted. The martyr as an enduring example whose behaviour is ultimately enshrined. Behaviour that is ultimately challenged by others.
The Moon in detriment. The martyr complex. The active pursuit of martyrdom for personal aggrandizement. Behaviour as a way to attract attention.
Line 4
The opportunist. The acceptance of norms until a successful transformation can be engendered.
Uranus exalted. Transformation that is transcendence to a higher code. The maintaining of behavioural patterns until the right moment and opportunity for transformation.
Mercury in detriment. Opportunism as a game and/or mental exercise. Altering one's behavioural patterns in order to take advantage of opportunities.
Line 5
The heretic. Direct and overt challenge to norms.
Jupiter exalted. The ability to succeed through the understanding and expression of higher principles. Principled behaviour which directly challenges tradition.
Mars in detriment. The burning at the stake. Behaviour which directly challenges behaviour and is even- tually punished.
Line 6
The role model. The perfect expression of the norms through action rather than words.
Pluto exalted. The constant example that refocuses the complacent on the basic integrity of set behaviour. The enduring value of the expression of the Self through action rather than words.
Saturn in detriment. The hypocrite. Do as I say, not as I do. Behaviour restricted to words rather than action.

10 — 34 The Channel of Exploration
A Design of Following One’s Principles and Convictions
10 — 57 The Channel of Perfected Form
A Design of Enhanced Ability to Survive
10 — 20 The Channel of Awakening
A Design of Commitment to Higher Principles

This Center is associated with self-identification and the feeling of impersonal (so-called transcendental) love. The energies of the Gates in the G-center help people realize their unique uniqueness at a certain point in time and space. It is the understanding that only you and no one else can be in the same place at the same time.