Gate 24 Rationalization (Return)

The energy to think over and over again until thoughts take the form of rational terms. People who study the same things over and over again in order to rationalize them.
The Gate of Rationalisation

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Ajna
  • Circuit: Knowing
  • The Channel of Awareness (24-61)
  • Quarter (I): Initiation
  • Deity: Janus
  • Physiology: Neocortex (Cerebral cortex)
  • Additional Notes: Individual Knowledge

People with the 24th Gate are very focused on one thing. They need to think long and hard before they form an opinion. They will worry until the problem is solved, and solutions usually come to them in complete silence, often at night.
A natural and spontaneous process of transformation and renewal. This Gate tests all new thoughts coming from the 61, selecting anything that is helpful or inspiring to realize its great potential to impact others.
Without the 61st Gate, these people are looking for an explanation for everything mystical and inexplicable. If they do not understand their nature, the mind becomes their worst enemy, constantly reviewing their own lives and trying to make any decisions for them.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
The sin of omission. Transformation that requires retrogressive periods before renewal can take place.
Sun exalted. The will to triumph and in this case the faith that the end justifies the means. Inspiration that demands a reassessment of past thinking before a rational concept can be established.
Neptune exalted. Self-delusion which unnaturally justifies periods of retrogression. Inspiration that leads to an irrational focus on what is past.
Line 2
The Moon exalted. The proper and spontaneous adaption to new forms. The potential gift of conceptualizing spontaneously.
Mars in detriment. The vanity to see transformation as a personal achievement rather than a socially supported or natural phenomenon. The mental vanity that the gift of conceptualizing spontaneously can produce.
Line 3
The addict. The powerful attraction of regressive forms.
Venus exalted. The ultimate though difficult triumph over regression. The difficult but possible task of overcoming irrationality.
Jupiter in detriment. Addiction and regression legitimized by success. Irrationality maintained and legitimized by success.
Line 4
The hermit. Transformation that can only take place in isolation.
Saturn exalted. The discipline and focus that assures renewal. Aloneness enriches the potential for rational thought.
Neptune in detriment. The tendency in isolation to live in a fantasy world. Aloneness encourages the potential of illusion or delusion.
Line 5
Confession. The courage to admit the mistakes of the past.
The Moon exalted. The practical value of starting with a clean slate, symbolized by the New Moon. Rational correction that opens the way to new possibilities.
Mars in detriment. The tendency to try to minimalize past mistakes through rationalization; turning confession into justification. Irrational justification of past mistakes.
Line 6
The gift horse. The possibility of being deaf when opportunity knocks.
Jupiter exalted. The conscious participation in a process that prepares one for easy identification of opportunity. Identification and focus with the rational thought process.
Pluto exalted. Innate suspicion which leads inevitably to lost opportunities. Often irrational suspicion that distorts the focus and can lead to missed opportunities.

24 — 61 The Channel of Awareness
A Design of a Philosopher and Thinker

This is the Center of Mental Awareness, which is responsible for how a person thinks and processes the information, inspiration and thoughts that come to his head.