Inner Authority as a Way of Making Decisions

Inner Authority is the only true way to make decisions that does not depend on your mental speculations and It is a part of your energy mechanics. This method is individual for each person and depends on the presence of certain Specific Centres in your Rave Chart. Inner Authorities have a hierarchy that singles out only one priority Centre as the only and main way of making decisions.
Inner Authority

Priority of the Defined Centres as Inner Authority:

Solar Plexus / Emotional Authority
The decision must go up and down the emotional wave.
Sacral Centre / Sacral Authority
The decision is made from the response to a request from another person
Spleen Centre / Splenic Authority
The decision will be guided by intuition, foreboding, instincts
Heart Centre / Ego Authority
The decision should be beneficial and take into account your personal interests
G-Centre / Projected Authority
The solution comes from understanding the path and your movement along it

The Ajna and the other three Centres (Head, Throat and Root) cannot be Inner Authority, therefore Mental Projectors and Reflectors must use an individual method for making decisions, that relies on external factors and situations.

The hallmark of a correct decision is clarity. It is the feeling that everything in it is right. This is exactly the feeling that is in the body, and not on paper with the pros and cons counted. Some people are very much oriented towards the "clues", "signs", "omens" they encounter in the outside world.

Here it is necessary to clearly understand that the event occurs outside, but the assessment that this is a sign occurs in the body. It is this feeling of push and clarity that shows that a person has encountered a phenomenon that is significant for them.

You can find out your true preferences using traditional divination methods or working with a pendulum. But what is needed here is practice and understanding of what is behind these results, that is, this is the art of reading pointers. Not all people can do this, and like any other skill, the skill of divination requires constant practice .

For each Type, Inner Authority is not only a universal way of making decisions, but also a reliable assistant in following one's strategy.

Inner Authority for the Manifestor is the only true way for them to make decisions about what to initiate and when it is best to act. A Manifestor can have one of three types of Inner Authority - Emotional, Splenic or Ego.

Inner Authority for the Generator and the Manifesting Generator is the only way for them to make decisions about which processes they should invest their energy in and which not. Generators can have one of two types of internal Authority - Emotional or Sacral.

The Projector's Inner Authority is the only true way to decide which invitations are right for them. A Projector can have one of the following types of Inner Authority - Emotional, Splenic, Ego-projected (Channel 25-51) and Self-projected (Channels 7-31, 1-8 or 13-33). The Mental Projector has no Inner Authority as such.

The Mental Projector has no Inner Authority as such. Rather, it can be described as a way that will allow the Projector with the no Inner Authority to operate correctly in the field of recognition and distinguish between the mental "clinging" of the mind from real clarity. The solution for the Mind Projector requires saying the various options out loud in the auric presence of another person.

In the Rave Chart, the Reflector does not have Defined Centres, so the decision-making mechanism for them is the Lunar Cycle. By waiting 28 days, the Reflector will be able to gain the necessary clarity regarding the issue or situation that is troubling them.