Gate 34 Power Of The Great

The powerful energy of the Sacral Center, available for expression in the present moment. People whose actions are independent and self-centered, but they don't need to feel guilty about it.
The Gate of Power

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Sacral
  • Circuit: Integration
  • The Channels of Power (34-57), The Channel of Charisma (20-34) and The Channel of Exploration (10-34)
  • Quarter (IV): Mutation
  • Deity: Hades
  • Physiology% Sacral plexus
  • Additional Notes: Mystic Gate, Creative Gate

This is the Gate of pure life energy that increases in response to external stimuli. They fill themselves with strength and energy through intuition (when connected with the 57), through behavior (when connected with the 10), or through activity (when connected with the 20).
The essence of the 34th Gate is to show how their owner is different from everyone else in order to ensure the survival of the individual. This is the only asexual gate that comes out of the Sacred Center and means inaccessibility.
That is, someone is not available because they are busy (if the 34s are connected to the 20s), following their own interests (connecting to the 10s), or not being able to hear others (connecting to the 57s).
Without 57, this is a Gate of power and energy that is not understood and can be dangerous to others and oneself.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
The bully. The indiscriminate use of power.
Saturn exalted. The less negative, the resort to power as a manifestation of frustration. The energy to display power as a response to frustration.
Pluto in detriment. The comeuppance that is the inevitable destiny of the bully. The ever present risk of retaliation to power displays.
Line 2
Mars exalted. The ability, when victory is in sight, not to loose perspective. The power that grows when victory is in sight.
Venus in detriment. A tendency to be emotionally carried away by the smell of victory. The power for growth limited by impatience.
Line 3
Machismo. The indiscriminate display of power.
Saturn exalted. The great malefic, where machismo unfortunately is invariably backed up by power This is an exaltation only in that it is natural and not contrived. The display of power that defines any role.
Mercury in detriment. A reasoned and calculated display. The communication of disinformation. The calculated display of power in order to define the role.
Line 4
Triumph. The freedom in absolute victory to unlimited use of power.
Pluto exalted. A tendency in victory to restrain excessive power in favour of more subtle and covert styles. The inherent confidence to use power subtly.
Mars in detriment. Ego gratification in the unrestrained use of power with impunity, inevitably leading to abuse. A lack of confidence that can lead to abuse of power.
Line 5
Annihilation. The total elimination of resistance.
Mars exalted. The power to destroy completely and once this is accomplished, the ability to trans- fer the power to normal purposes. The resistance to release power other than when necessary.
The Moon in detriment. A difficulty in shedding the patterns established to deal with resistance. Symbolized by its phases, the feeling that nothing is permanently annihilated. The discomfort with the need to always release power.
Line 6
Common sense. Knowing when enough is enough.
The Earth exalted. The good sense when having bitten off more than one can chew to spit part of it out. The restriction of the release of power when one does not have the strength to maintain it.
Jupiter in detriment. Enthusiasm overriding better judgment, invariably leads to complications. The lack of restrictions that can sap one's strength.

34 — 57 The Channel of Power
A Design of a Human Archetype

The Sacral center contains the energies of sexuality, productivity, and the daily creative energy that makes everything possible on our planet. This center-motor is a source of vital energy in its purest form, which is inherent only in Generators and Manifesting Generators.