Gate 56 Stimulation (The Wanderer)

An energy that gives the ability to express complex or abstract knowledge in simple and understandable language. People who use past experiences to illustrate their concepts and inspire others.
The Gate of Stimulation

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Throat
  • Circuit: Sensing
  • The Channel of Curiosity (11-56)
  • Quarter (II): Civilization
  • Deity: Maat
  • Physiology: Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands
  • Additional notes: no

This is the Storyteller's Gate. Such people weave yarn from the ideas that pass through the 11th Gate. Only one thing is really important to them - to get an emotional reaction from the audience. They are not interested in giving evidence, facts or details like the 62nd Gate.
They love to use their own life experiences to emphasize and highlight something. Stability through movement, perpetuation of continuity through the linking of periods of short-term activity.
They are hungry and eager for new ideas from the 11th Gate, without which they use the thoughts of others to draw attention to themselves. They should wait for an invitation to tell something, as their sense of time is usually distorted.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
The Moon exalted. The practical sense that even short term activities should be of value. Expression of practical ideas that have value.
Mars in detriment. The ego drive to make an impression that will misuse energy in trivial pursuits. The drive to stimulate that will express any idea, no matter how trivial.
Line 2
Uranus exalted. Isolated genius that will eventually find continuity through recognition and support. A genius for stimulating expression that will take time to mature and will need others to recognize it.
The Moon in detriment. A superficiality which collapses under recognition and is eventually forced to move on. A gift for communicating but not enough depth.
Line 3
Alienation. Determined self-sufficiency.
Sun exalted. A will and egoism that often proves overbearing and guarantees continued isolation. Here, this is acceptable given the Sun's intrinsic vitality. The drive to control and be the focus of expression.
Venus in detriment. The reversed aesthetic that offends others, ensures isolation, and eliminates support. The drive to control the expression at the expense of stimulation.
Line 4
The Moon exalted. The perfection of the superficial personality, that can mask, when essential, its true feelings to secure protection. The gift for stimulation as a role and for protection.
Mercury in detriment. Expedient behaviour whose price is a constant stressful alertness and nervous anxiety in fear of losing what has been gained. The role as reality. The fear of silence and of being uncovered.
Line 5
Attracting attention.
Uranus exalted. Unusualness, innovation and sometimes genius as guarantees of eventually attracting attention and support. Stimulation at its most innovative and unusual.
Mars in detriment. All too often the tendency to attract attention that is self-defeating in its effects. The power of stimulation to provoke and disturb.
Line 6
Sun exalted. The prudence, when linkage has been achieved, to honour its new commitments in order to secure its footing. Honesty in expression. Living by one's word.
Pluto in detriment. The profound unconscious wanderer, where external yearning for acceptance will unconsciously release the exact energy that creates rejection. A difficult role, where the self is unknown and not recognized with predictable results. Wandering throughout the life from one expression to the next unable to find the stimulation that one could live by.

11 — 56 The Channel of Curiosity
A Design of a Perfectionist and Adventurer

This is the center of self-expression. Everything that happens in your Consciousness and at the Subconscious level finds its expression in the outer world through words or actions, that is, through the Throat Center.