Gate 38 Fighter (Opposition)

The energy of struggle, which is necessary for sustainable survival and is perceived as the meaning of life. People who are at their best when fate turns against them.
The Gate of the Fighter

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Root
  • Circuit: Knowing
  • The Channel of Struggle (28-38)
  • Quarter (IV): Mutation
  • Deity: Vishnu
  • Physiology: Adrenal glands (adrenaline glands)
  • Additional notes: no

Such people love to "fight" and are always ready to defend their independence. They are under pressure to fight what fate brings in order to gain a sense of value and purpose in life. They need to feel carefree and can get very depressed if they don't do something that makes them feel like their life has real value.
Since the 38th is the Gate of Deafness, such people can be very stubborn - by Design they are not supposed to be strongly influenced by others. Such deafness is a kind of protection from external pressures and influences that can damage their sense of purpose in life.
Without the 28th Gate, these people need to be careful not to waste their energy and health on an unloved business or a useless struggle with things and people that are incorrect for them. The 28th Gate brings awareness of what is worth fighting for.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
Qualification. Tempering opposition based on the circumstances.
Neptune exalted. A psychic attunement that guarantees proper action. The psychic gift of knowing when and how to fight.
Mars exalted. The tendency to oppose as a general rule. The drive to fight as a general rule.
Line 2
Politeness. Opposition that does not transgress normal codes of behaviour.
Pluto exalted. The value of discretion. The energy for the intuitive awareness for discretion.
The Moon in detriment. An over-politeness that is both servile and obviously superficial and defeats its very purpose. The energy for over-politeness in times of struggle.
Line 3
Sun exalted. The ability to sustain through integration with similar forces, thus ensuring the vitality to persevere. The energy to integrate with others in times of struggle.
The Earth in detriment. Selfish alliance which saps the energy of one's partners, in order to ensure personal vitality. The energy to selfishly use others in times of struggle.
Line 4
Investigation. Analysis which strengthens opposition.
Pluto exalted. The detective who develops or the insider who accepts a joint opposition whose success can only be based on trust. The energy to recognize who can be of value in times of struggle.
Mars in detriment. The aggressiveness in opposition that prejudices investigation and limits trustworthiness. The power of adrenalin to provoke aggressiveness.
Line 5
Alienation. A stage in opposition when one is totally isolated.
Saturn exalted. The ambition and concentration to endure. The energy to stubbornly fight alone.
Pluto in detriment. Alienation experienced as painful confinement that by its very nature blinds one to the possibility that there are those at some point who may come to one's aid. The energy for stubbornness is so strong that it is difficult to recognize, that there are others that can help in times of struggle.
Line 6
Misunderstanding. Opposition without basis.
Saturn exalted. Eventual crystallization which clears up misunderstandings. Energy which attracts misunderstanding, and the stubbornness to face opposition.
The Earth in detriment. The recognition that misunderstanding is at the root of opposition but the insistence, that it is the misunderstanding of the opposing forces. Where misunderstand- ing is at the root of struggle, the energy of stubbornness to insist and maintain one's position.

28 — 38 The Channel of Struggle
A Design of Perseverance in the Face of Challenges

It is the center of adrenaline pressure and a powerful Motor that motivates us to be physically active. It helps you manage stress and be quick where you need it.