Gate 53 Beginning (Development)

The pressure to start any beneficial process as a way to avoid stagnation and evolve by learning new things. People under constant pressure to start any useful processes.
The Gates of Beginnings

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Root
  • Circuit: Sensing
  • The Channel of Maturation (42-53)
  • Quarter (II): Civilization
  • Deity: Parvati
  • Physiology: Urogenital Diaphragm
  • Additional Notes: Format Gate

Development as a structured progression, steady, purposeful and continuous, no matter what changes the cycle brings.
The holders of this Gate feel trapped, stuck and bored if they have to deal with the same thing. As long as they start new things according to their Design, they don't have to finish everything. They can safely leave a book unfinished, food half-eaten, etc.
Without an active 42nd Gate, such a person may start projects and abandon them, feeling that they do not want to finish them at all or do it on their own.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
Neptune exalted. The dissolution of old forms but not at the expense of valued components that will be retained and transformed. The pressure to begin something new, not from scratch but based on the foundation of the old.
Venus in detriment. Development hampered by criticism and the tendency to withdraw rather than make use of these experiences. The difficulty in starting something new because of the criticism that accompanied the old.
Line 2
Momentum. Success breeds success.
The Moon exalted. The protection of early success nurtures further achievement. The pressure to start something new based on past success.
Mars in detriment. A tendency with early success to haste and imprudent action. The pressure based on success to be impatient for something new.
Line 3
The Moon exalted. In its most natural position, the concentration on avoiding conflict to ensure protection and continued development. The pressure to eliminate conflict in order to develop.
Mars in detriment. The unconscious provoking of conflict that logically threatens security and development. Energy which provokes conflict and threatens development.
Line 4
The Moon exalted. The ability to maintain the strength of one's individuality in complex and often awk- ward situations, that ensure continued security and development. The pressure to maintain one's individuality in confused beginnings.
Venus in detriment. The persistent difficulty with embarrassing or awkward situations where normal emotional reactions may prove detrimental. Individual pressure for beginnings that creates awkward and sometimes embarrassing situations.
Line 5
Neptune exalted. The underlying and often psychic recognition of the intrinsic values of development, that even in periods of isolation, has the assertiveness to maintain direction. Its very power garners continued support even from those who are basically opposed. The pressure to recognize the value of development and the energy for beginnings regardless of circumstances.
The Earth in detriment. An over-assertiveness, that rather than applied to maintaining support in the face of opposition and isolation, may actually strengthen the opposing forces by its attitude. Where the energy for beginnings attracts the very forces that can abort them.
Line 6
The Moon exalted. The successful utilization of the completion of a stage in development, that by its evident success and value can be used as an example to attract support for the next stage. The energy to attract support for beginnings based on the success of the past.
Pluto exalted. A tendency in this position, to hide success, in the perverse fear that the success will either create excessive demands or supporters of the original process will end their support upon completion. The pressure to hide beginnings in fear of losing past support.

42 — 53 The Channel of Maturation
A Design of Balanced Development

It is the center of adrenaline pressure and a powerful Motor that motivates us to be physically active. It helps you manage stress and be quick where you need it.