• 1. What is Human Design and where did this knowledge come from?

    Human Design is a new tool for learning about yourself, other people and the world around you, by understanding and living your true nature (without exercises, affirmations and mantras). It appeared as a synthesis of ancient esoteric knowledge and modern scientific discoveries.

    You can find out more detailed information on this topic from the thematic publications in our blog

  • 2. Is there any scientific justification for the theory of Human Design?

    Over the past 10 years, several important scientific discoveries have been made, awarded the Nobel Prize, which directly or indirectly affect the key postulates of the theory of Human Design. With the help of official science, approximately 70% of the theory of Human Design can be reliably explained. The remaining 30% are in the borderline field of research or have never been considered by science as a subject for careful study (at least publicly).

    But we can state with full responsibility and confidence that in 10 years of our own and very deep research into the theory of this knowledge, we have not been able to find a single scientific fact that could be called a "refutation" of the theory of Human Design or a weighty proof of the inconsistency of this concept.    More detailed information on this topic can be found from the thematic publications in our blog.

  • 3. Can I trust the information obtained from your transcripts?

    Of course! After all, we do not just collect unique information and provide it to our users in a decoded form in a simple and understandable language — we verify and literally "live" every line from our Reports. All the practical recommendations that are present in the transcripts, first of all, were tested on themselves, in the format of a practical experiment.

  • 4. What is a rave card, how and where can it be calculated?

    The rave card is a picture with a graphical representation of all the elements of your energy mechanics. It contains all aspects of your Personality and your Design that have been activated by the thirteen heavenly bodies. You can make a free rave card calculation on our website.

  • 5. When specifying the time of birth, do I need to adjust it to the current time zone?

    No, that's not necessary. We ourselves calculate the desired time zone at the time of birth, taking into account all transfers from summer to winter time and back.

  • 6. What should I do if my place of birth is not in the database of settlements?

    You can specify the nearest major city or district center, which is located in the same region as your place of birth and is located in the same time zone.

  • 7. What if I don't know the exact time of my birth?

    There is only one reliable way to set the time of your birth with an accuracy of one minute — to contact the maternity hospital or the central archive of the Registry Office at the place of your birth for an extract with medical information about your birth.

    You need exactly medical information that includes height, weight, date and exact time of your birth. If you request a duplicate of the standard registry office certificate of the birth of a child, it will not reflect the time of your birth. However, it should be borne in mind that according to the law, archival records from maternity hospitals are stored for no more than 25 years, so this method is relevant only for those who were born after 1996.

    For those whose age is now more than 25 years old, there are only two ways to find out the relatively exact time of their birth, with the margin of error that is permissible for the preliminary calculation of the rave card:

    • Order a full-fledged rectification of your horoscope from a professional astrologer. This method allows you to set the time of your birth with an accuracy of + /- 5 minutes, provided that you initially know it with an error of no more than one hour. If this error is an hour or more, or you know absolutely nothing at all about what period of the day you were born, then the rectification result will have too much variability for you to use it for the preliminary calculation of your rave card.
    • Conduct a survey of all close relatives and friends of your parents in order to establish the approximate time of your birth. It is quite possible that one of them remembered this moment quite accurately and will be able to compare the exact time and the situation in which he learned about your birth. But the confident opinion of even a few people from this circle (and first of all, the opinion of your parents) will already allow you to understand the time of your birth within the margin of error that can be used to make a preliminary calculation of the rave card.
  • 8. How does a Bodigraph differ from a rave card or is it the same thing?

    From the point of view of the official terminology of the DC, a bodigraph is a software algorithm (tool) with which, based on the initial data about a person's birth (time, date, place), his personal rave card is created. But often these terms are used as identical in meaning.

  • 9. How can decrypting my card help me and how quickly is it done?

    The transcript contains detailed information about how exactly your energy mechanics works, and valuable recommendations for unlocking your potential. This is a guide to all aspects of your Design, which is always at hand and which you can use at any time as a convenient and visual reference.

    A PDF file of any version of the decryption in our online store is created automatically within a few minutes after its payment and activation. It will be permanently stored in your Personal Account in the "Decryptions" section and, if necessary, you can always download it again.

  • 10. What is the difference between electronic decoding of a rave card and reading it from an analyst?

    A report with a map transcript will not replace live communication with an analyst, nor will an analyst's consultation be able to replace an online transcript. Accurate reading of the rave card implies auric contact with another person, so the knowledge itself will be transmitted to you at a different energy frequency and only for a specific period of time.

    An accurate reading is useful for those who perceive information better by ear and want to ask the analyst questions in real time. Decoding a rave card in PDF Report format will be a useful addition to your knowledge. For those who are interested in self-study of Design, this document will help to study themselves more deeply and comprehensively.

  • 11. Can I get a face-to-face or online consultation with you on my card?

    Unfortunately, no. The priority of our work is the creation of various versions of text transcripts and the release of periodic and free updates to them. If you want to get face-to-face or online consultation on your rave card, we recommend that you contact professional HD analysts.

  • 12. How do I find out my compatibility in a relationship with another person?

    By combining two rave cards together, you get a composite that describes in detail the energy mechanics of your pair. Such decoding is necessary for those who want to better understand the nature and needs of their partner, learn to interact with him without reproaches, dramas and the eternal desire to remake each other.

  • 13. Is it possible to use Human Design in business?

    Yes, because even in business you remain yourself, and do not become a different person. Therefore, knowing the specifics of your mechanics and the possible places of conditioning others and others, you are able to work more effectively and interact with people. In addition, there is a special section "business penta" in the DCH, where you can learn the features of the energy mechanics of a group of up to five people.

  • 14. What is the practical experiment with living your Design?

    According to the basic concept proposed by Ra Uru Hu, the initial stage of a Practical Experiment with living your Design is reduced to four key steps:

    1. A clear adherence to your Type of strategy.
    2. Delegating decision-making to your inner Authority.
    3. Compliance with a dietary regime that corresponds to your PHS.
    4. Sleep in your aura.

    Only by completely surrendering to your "body", Design, can you fully feel the changes taking place. The less immersion, the more imperceptible the changes. You can find out more information on this topic from a series of thematic publications on our blog.

  • 15. What additional benefits will I get if I register on your site?
    • You will be able to save an unlimited number of rave card calculations in your Personal Account.
    • You will have access to all analytical calculations with a brief explanation of the rave cards.
    • You will be able to receive exclusive discounts and offers for the purchase of transcripts.
  • 16. What should I do if I don't remember the login and password to log in to my Personal Account?

    Your default login is the email address that you specified when registering or purchasing the decryption.

    If you have forgotten your account password on our website, you can restore it through the automatic password recovery form. Just enter your email address and you will receive an email with all the necessary information to restore access.

    If the email does not arrive or if you do not remember the email or password you do not need, contact our Support Service for help by sending an email to info@humdes.com.

    If you have specified a mobile phone number in your Personal Account, you can easily and quickly log into your account using a temporary password that will be sent to you in an SMS.

  • 17. What should I do if no emails have arrived to my e-mail after purchasing the report?

    You can always download the Report you bought in your Personal Account, in the "Transcripts" section. If you can't log in to your Personal Account, most likely you made a typo when you specified your email address (for example, you wrote at the end of the address @gmail.ru instead of @gmail.com ).

    Contact our Support Service for help by sending an email to info@humdes.com. In your request, you need to tell us the exact date and time of purchase of the Report, as well as your E-mail address that you specified when placing the order.

  • 18. How do I fix an error in the source data if I have already activated the transcript?

    If you made a mistake exactly in the time of birth, you can make this edit once in a ready-made Report and automatically recreate the PDF file of the decryption itself.

    We are sympathetic to such situations, so we are ready to meet you halfway and make you a new Report absolutely free of charge (in the same version of the transcript), if:

    • You made an obvious typo. For example, if you accidentally entered the year of birth 1900 instead of 1990 or misspelled when writing your name.
    • The error was caused by elementary inattention when filling in the initial data for the calculation. For example, you specified the name Elena, but forgot to change the gender and in your Report you got a rave card with a male silhouette on the Bodigraph.
    • You accidentally made a mistake in the time of your birth or at the time of purchase of the Report you had false information about what time you were born.

    In these situations, contact the Support Service for help by sending an email to the email address info@humdes.com. In the request, you need to specify the exact date of purchase of the Report, the email that you specified when buying, and briefly describe the essence and reason for the mistake you made when calculating the rave card.

  • 19. Why does the calculation of the card on your website not coincide with the calculation on the Jovian Archive website?

    We use a completely independent algorithm from Jovian Archive for constructing a person's personal rave card to ensure maximum accuracy in calculations.

    Thus, errors and errors in calculations occur precisely on the Jovian Archive side due to outdated or inaccurate data about the time zone of the place of birth on the specified date. Because of these mistakes, thousands of people around the world are already studying the WRONG rave card, being sure that the calculation is absolutely correct, because it was made on the official resource.

    If you find a discrepancy in the values of the rave card built on our website and on the Jovian Archive website, please report it to our Support Service by sending an email to info@humdes.com.