Abstract Circuit

The “Abstract Circuit” is also referred to as the “experience circuit” because the Gates and Channels in this circuit use memories from the past and current experiences to navigate the present. These energetics are focused on the experiences a person has and how each experience brings learnings and new understandings. The information that is learned in this circuit is meant to be shared with others.


Refers to any gate or channel in the bodygraph chart that is colored in.


“Authority” is how an individual can authentically make decisions in life. In the Human Design System, it is the method of decision making that is most accurate and true to the individual. There are 7 different authority types in Human Design. The Authority of an individual depends on the circuitry or activations in the bodygraph chart.

Awareness Energy Centers

AJNA – mind consciousness

SPLEEN – body consciousness

SOLAR PLEXUS – spirit consciousness

Bodygraph Chart

A personalized Human Design chart that provides a “map” or blueprint of your energy. Each bodygraph chart is unique because the combination of activations will be specific to the birth date, birth time and birth location of the individual.


There are potentially 36 Channels in a Human Design bodygraph chart. They show up in the chart when two Energy Centers are connected by corresponding gates. For example, Channel 18 – 58 connects the Splenic and Root Energy Centers in a bodygraph chart when BOTH Gate 18 and Gate 58 are activated. It creates a complete energetic connection between two energy centers.

The Channels represent gifts, talents, motivations, energetics or drives that are consistently available to us. If a channel is not activated or colored, it doesn’t mean that person never has access to that energy. It just means that this gift is not a reliable or constant energy in their life.


“Circuits” refers to the connections (channel connections between energy centers) within a Human Design bodygraph chart. It also shows how the energy “streams” in a given chart just like an electrical current.


“Conditioning” happens when one person’s way of being blocks or disrupts another person’s inherent nature or way of moving through the world. Conditioning can also occur when we over identify or feel pressure to adopt social or environmental standards. For example, society often says that being consistent is a quality we should all aspire to but not all of us are designed to be consistent.


“Correct” refers to being in alignment with your Energy Type, Strategy and Authority. When you are being “correct”, you are tuned into your innate intuition and internal compass. You are living in alignment with your body’s internal wisdom.


“Deconditioning” refers to the process of recognizing and releasing the ideas, behaviors or things that we have identified with that are not in alignment with our innate gifts and way of being. Tuning out external voices and learning how to follow your Energy Type strategy and authority will support the deconditioning process.