Gate 29 Abysmal (Perseverance)

The energy to enter into a new experience and stay in it for a while, regardless of restrictions or moral discomfort. People who have the power of commitment to the process and don't need to know where it will take them.
The Gate of Consent

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Sacral
  • Circuit: Sensing
  • The Channel of Discovery (29-46)
  • Quarter (III): Duality
  • Deity: Thoth
  • Physiology: Sacral plexus
  • Additional notes: no

This is the Gate of Commitment, very powerful and saying “Yes!” to the new cycle and life itself, when the Sacral Center responds from them. Such people should beware of the excessive obligations they place on themselves when they are conditioned.
Ideally, they should wait for a response so that they can only take on what is right for them and enter new experiences without expectations. They are here just to learn to distinguish between what is worth their attention and what is not. The sacred YES provides the fuel to persevere despite the circumstances.
The 46th Gate brings love to the experience and enjoyment of the process itself. Without the 46s, the 29s are ready to work, but have no idea of ​​the direction.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
The draftee. The ability to adapt to struggle when necessary but not as a permanent state.
Mars exalted. The innate nature to apply energy in times of war and peace. The power to persevere when necessary but not generally.
Neptune in detriment. A deep impressionability whose mark from times of struggle may make a return to normal conditions extremely difficult. Hesitation in making commitments based on past experience.
Line 2
Assessment. Persistence tempered by caution.
Sun exalted. The power of sustainment as a guiding light. Saying yes and the power to persevere.
Venus in detriment. A tendency to overcautiousness when persistence is perceived as adding to rather than ending disharmony. Caution in saying yes, when perseverance leads to dis- harmony.
Line 3
Evaluation. In this context, properly assessed inaction.
Mars exalted. Despite the urge and cost of inaction the knowledge that it is sometimes better to fight another day. The power to wait.
Jupiter in detriment. A preference for withdrawal in principle with little regard for effect. The inability to make commitments. The power of caution.
Line 4
Directness. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.
Saturn exalted. The wisdom to use the simplest and most direct approach to solve difficulties. The power to commit oneself to the simplest and most direct process.
Venus in detriment. Simplicity and directness all too often seen as inharmonic and aesthetically crude. The power of directness often offends others.
Line 5
Overreach. The tendency to bite off more than one can chew.
Sun exalted. The Sun exalted, where the drive is in the design and not ambition driven. The un- controllable drive to say yes.
The Earth in detriment. Failed ambition. Saying yes, overextending one's resources, and failing to persevere.
Line 6
Confusion. The state that exists when momentum outstrips awareness.
Mars exalted. Driving blind and given Mars' energy and determination, often blind luck. The power to persevere that makes no sense.
Jupiter in detriment. A tendency in confusion to withdraw rather than accept the condition and continue to persevere. The power in confusion to caution rather than saying yes.

29 — 46 The Channel of Discovery
A Design of Succeeding Where Others Fail

The Sacral center contains the energies of sexuality, productivity, and the daily creative energy that makes everything possible on our planet. This center-motor is a source of vital energy in its purest form, which is inherent only in Generators and Manifesting Generators.