10-34 The Channel of Exploration

When the energy of Self-Love (10) combines with the Power of your Aura (34), the desire to express your uniqueness to society is strengthened by your ability to energetically influence the Ego and consciousness of others. By the power of the aura. Every time it will put you in the spotlight, attracting its power and beauty of expression. People with this channel were born to do only what they really love. They need to trust their feelings about this life and love themselves in it, then all roads in life will be open.
The Channel of Exploration
A Design of Following One’s Principles and Convictions
  • Generating Сhannel
  • The Individual Centering Circuit
The energy of self-love. These gates carry the energy of understanding the norms of behaviour accepted in society.
Gift — Strength
The powerful energy of the Sacred Centre, available for expression in the present moment.