Gate 43 Insight (Breakthrough)

Energy to awaken your awareness and gain new knowledge through inner insights. People with a natural gift to express their thoughts in a story or other creativity.
The Gate of Insight

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Ajna
  • Circuit: Knowing
  • The Channel Structuring (23-43)
  • Quarter (IV): Mutation
  • Deity: Hades
  • Physiology: Inner ear
  • Additional Notes: Individual Knowledge

This Gate transforms the rationalized truth of the 24 into unique perspectives, which are then converted into the speech codes of the 23. These people have a unique "inner voice" that is constantly busy structuring knowledge. They should learn to wait before they can be heard.
These are minds that are occupied only with what is interesting to them, and not to anyone else. Therefore, the holders of this Gate usually find it difficult to teach something new, as they block the knowledge of others until they can see it in their own way.
As part of an individual's insight circuit, the energy of this Gate is constantly pulsing, moving from "knowing to not knowing" and back again. Without the 23rd Gate, the main dilemma of the 43rd is how to translate what is learned into a language that others can understand.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
Pluto exalted. The recognition that new forms cannot be established until resistance has been eliminated. The depth necessary to bring into form an individual insight.
Venus in detriment. An impatience to enjoy the sweets of accomplishment that inevitably leaves a sour taste in the mouth. A delight in the insight but a lack of depth to establish it.
Line 2
Pluto exalted. The maintenance of specialized attitudes which promote breakthrough. Unique mental habits and thought processes which promote insight.
The Moon in detriment. A dedication to action, that when actualization is in sight may become incautious. The urge for expression that will abandon its normal processes when an opportunity arises.
Line 3
Pluto exalted. The powerful drive for regeneration that will, when breakthrough is threatened, use any means, align with any force and endure any condemnation to achieve the goal. A certainty in knowing which can withstand condemnation.
The Moon in detriment. An oversensitivity to condemnation, that may preclude justified expediency and result in failure. Individual insight abandoned in the face of condemnation.
Line 4
The one-track mind.
Mercury exalted. The overreliance and stubborn obsession with one's mental abilities in the face of recurring obstacles. This design, given Mercurial mental gifts, may though rarely succeed. A stubborn reliance on one's unique insights that demands focused mental ability to be properly conceptualized.
Jupiter in detriment. A belief in inherent right action based on limited knowledge that shuns advice. The vanity to attempt expression without depth.
Line 5
The Moon exalted. The step by step adaptation to relationships which hinder breakthrough through practical actions which will not jeopardize eventual success. The gift of knowing when an unique insight can be shared with effectively with others.
Venus in detriment. A tendency to concentrate on harmonizing relationships that tends to strengthen the position of restrictive forces rather than benefiting breakthrough. An over-reliance on the receptivity of others that turns harmony into the conditioner of individual expression.
Line 6
Sun exalted. Actualization and centering, that in breakthrough naturally establish both internally and externally a new order. Unique knowing that is both personally and collectively of value.
Mars in detriment. An ego tendency that in breakthrough sees justification of its lesser attributes and carries them over into the new order. Where the value of knowing is more important then other aspects of the life.

23 — 43 The Channel of Structuring
A Design of Individuality (from Genius to Freak)

This is the Center of Mental Awareness, which is responsible for how a person thinks and processes the information, inspiration and thoughts that come to his head.