Gate 58 Aliveness (Vitality)

The energy of pure enthusiasm. An irrepressible desire to make life better. People who love to challenge authority just for the sake of challenging.
The Gate of Vitality

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Root
  • Circuit: Understanding
  • The Channel of Judgment (18-58)
  • Quarter (IV): Mutation
  • Deity: Vishnu
  • Physiology: Perineum
  • Additional notes: no

Such people have a taste for life, which manifests itself as a desire to improve the world around them. This Gate represents the presence of the life forces to defy conditioning.
Their roots lie in dissatisfaction with the world as it is at the moment. Channel 58-18 is the channel of Gluttony and the 58th Gate in it is the source of this energy. Without an active 18th Gate, those with a 58th love life so much that they are desperate to be of service to society in some broader sense.
They feel pressured to devote their energy to the process, but lack the clarity of how to improve. If they follow their strategy, they naturally attract the 18th Gate into their lives.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
Love of life.
Venus exalted. The very stimulation of the world is the basis of an aesthetic appreciation of its beauty and wonder. Alone or shared with others this profound inner realization is the key for a joyous harmony with the process of being. The energy which fuels the love of life.
The Moon in detriment. The Moon has its phases, its moods, that will limit joy to an intermittent and cyclical experience. A cyclical energy which intermittently fuels the love of life.
Line 2
No polarity. No exaltation.
Uranus in detriment. A genius for perverse stimulation that afflicts oneself and others by promoting degeneracy and reducing joy to indulgence and decadence. The energy which fuels the drive for perverse stimulation.
Line 3
Uranus exalted. The individual whose electric vitality creates its own stimulation and is not dependent on others. The energy to fuel independent stimulation.
Mars in detriment. The quality of fire is dependent on its fuel and subject to its influence, good or bad. The energy for aliveness that is dependent on others for stimulation.
Line 4
Pluto exalted. A natural specializiation that when confronted with a multiplicity of stimulations will have no inner difficulty in focusing on the appropriate influence. The energy to fuel recognition of which stimulation is of value.
Neptune in detriment. An impressionability that becomes confused when confronted with a multiplicity of stimulations and in trying to accommodate all of it, becomes unstable. Energy which becomes unstable when overstimulated.
Line 5
The Moon exalted. The natural and practical instinct to protect oneself regardless of temptations. The fuel for self-defense regardless of stimulations.
Sun in detriment. The assumption that the best defense is a good offense, that might allow strength of character to enjoy questionable stimulus without succumbing to it. The energy for aliveness which forsakes self-defense and will embrace questionable stimulations.
Line 6
Carried away.
The Moon exalted. The tendency to practicality that while thoroughly enjoying external stimulation has the instinct to draw back when its independent integrity is threatened. The energy to fuel independent integrity that will maintain its identity in times of stimulation.
Mercury in detriment. When its basic intelligence is effectively stimulated, its natural desire for attunement will lead it to identify so strongly with the stimulation that it is at risk of losing its identity. The energy which fuels loss of identity in times of stimulation.

18 — 58 The Channel of Judgement
A Design of Insatiability in Maintaining the Perfected Form

It is the center of adrenaline pressure and a powerful Motor that motivates us to be physically active. It helps you manage stress and be quick where you need it.