Circuitry in Human Design

All Channels in Human Design belong to one of the three groups of Contours - unique energy flows that shape your personality and path in life. Studying them helps you avoid common mistakes in self-discovery, provides the keys to a harmonious existence, opens a deep understanding of your nature and how you can best interact with the world around you.

The Tribal Circuit

The Tribal Circuit

People who have a Tribal Circuit predominance form relationships based on support. They value shared tastes, interests, traditions, and values. As a result, they divide all people into two categories: insiders and outsiders, and people can move from one to the other depending on the circumstances. For tribal people, "Insiders" are like themselves in that they honour agreements, care for others, and support with actions, rather than words.

The essence of cooperation at the Tribal Circuit level is mutual benefit: if only one person benefits, the other loses interest in such communication. A benefit does not have to be something material; it can be a mutually enriching friendship, love, support, assistance, or genuine participation. And it is not about self-interest, but about giving; in reality, few people are willing to give all the time without receiving anything in return. A Tribal Circuit person will feel cheated, used, or even betrayed if there is no reciprocation.

People with a Tribal Circuit predominance prefer to do rather than talk. Their actions reveal their feelings: for example, love manifests itself in care and attention, while dislike manifests itself in ignoring and refusal to participate. When tribal people act in this manner, they expect others to do the same. Smells and tactile sensations are important in such people's lives; their touches can be healing, and their hugs are the most genuine. Furthermore, they are very loyal and have a great memory: they are certain to thank those who once helped them and are unlikely to support those who once turned their back on them.

The Tribal Circuit includes the small Ego Circuit (Channels: 32-54 Transformation, 44-26 Surrender, 21-45 Money, 19-49 Synthesis and 37-40 Community) and the small Defence Circuit (Channels: 59-6 Mating and 27-50 Preservation). The small Ego Circuit is aimed at supporting the material world, everyday life (a full fridge, a roof over one's head, and confidence in the future), whereas the small Defence Circuit is aimed at procreation. The Circuit is global role is to support and care for procreation and the "tribe".

With the prevailing tribal Circuit, a person places less emphasis on social statuses, power and fame and places more emphasis on their nearest and dearest, whose care gives them strength to live, achieve goals, and develop.

The Individual Circuit

The Individual Circuit

Individual Circuit dominant people are acutely aware of their differences from others. Differences do not have to be visible: it could be an unusual way of thinking, an unconventional view of the world or a situation, the use of one's own algorithm to achieve a goal, or a creative approach to the most unexpected issues.

When forced to do things the same way as everyone else and no power to change things, such people may feel pressed. They find it more difficult to adapt and be flexible than others. They tend to challenge established norms and rules, not to destroy them, but to find their own unique style in everything. Those with a predominant Individual Circuit in their Rave Chart are born to express themselves and do things their own way - this is how they can show others what "individuality" is, and light that inner fire in others, even if they do not set out to do so.

People of this Circuit sometimes feel a surge of energy and inspiration, and sometimes they do not. This process is uncontrollable, and its operating principle is similar to the emotional wave in the defined Solar Plexus Centre. Individuals have a particular sensitivity to sound, which can be used as a tool to attune with the world and express their moods. If such people are in a place with music or noise that they dislike, this is not the place for them. Similarly, someone whose voice does not appeal to them is simply not the right person for them. It is beneficial for such people to spend more time in silence or enjoying the sounds of nature, and it is preferable for them to leave the community before they feel pressured to behave in a certain way.

The Individual Circuit includes the small Knowing Circuit (Channels: 61-24 Awareness, 43-23 Structuring, 1-8 Inspiration and Creativity, 2-14 The Beat, 3-60 Mutation, 38-28 Struggle, 39-55 Emoting, 57-20 Insight and 22-12 Openness), the small Centring Circuit (Channels: 10-34 Exploration, 51-25 Initiation) and the Integration Channel group (Channels: 34-57 Power, 20-34 Charisma, 10-57 Perfected Form, 10-20 Awakening). The first endows a person with intuitive knowledge, which helps them find the right and often quite unusual solutions in difficult situations; the second endows a person with a sense of "Self" integrity, confidence in their own thoughts and actions; and the third endows a person with the ability to show others love for themselves through the manifestation of their own "egoism". The global role of the Circuit is to empower others by assisting them in changing and adapting to change.

People of this Circuit notice things in the present moment that others do not see. They can literally change the world if they learn to express themselves in an understandable manner. This Circuit teaches self-respect and self-love; after all, only those who can love themselves can understand the true value of life.

The Collective Circuit

The Collective Circuit

People with a predominance of the Collective Circuit value social obligations, as well as a chance to share and express their thoughts and decisions in society. Such people feel a strong responsibility to lead humanity to a new level of development. They believe that the beauty of our species cannot be fulfilled in a single person and must be manifested through collaborative efforts. It should be noted that there is neither the concern of the tribal Circuit nor the personality value of the individual Circuit here - an individual's rights may be infringed for the common good.

The Collective Circuit is concerned with humanity's survival: it examines past experience and forecasts the possible outcomes of new ideas. This Circuit encourages people to help those in need and in crisis situations for two reasons: first, there is an understanding of long-term consequences and a vision of the optimal solution, and second, this is how the perception of others as part of the whole works - by helping a group of people, a person helps humanity as a whole.

The visual component is important to such people. For example, if they do not like the interior of the room or the appearance of the person with whom they are interacting, they are unlikely to enjoy or benefit fr om it. High intelligence and the ability to think quickly in complex situations, which are typical of people on this Circuit, can sometimes lead to others misinterpreting their comments as criticism. In fact, collective people's comments are backed up by experience and are solely aimed at improvement and efficiency. If someone’s feelings or rights are harmed in the process, it is simply a necessary sacrifice for a greater good.

The Collective Circuit consists of the small Understanding Circuit (Channels: 4-63 Logic, 17-62 Acceptance, 7-31 The Alpha, 5-15 Fixed Rhythms, 9-52 Concentration, 18-58 Judgement and 16-48 The Wave Length and Talent) and the small Sensing Circuit (Channels: 47-64 Abstraction, 11-56 Curiosity, 13-33 Privacy, 29-46 Discovery, 42-53 Maturation, 30-41 Recognition, and 35-36 Transitoriness). The Understanding Circuit provides a person with critical thinking skills, the ability to analyse past experiences for lessons learned, and persistence in repeating the same action over and over to achieve the desired result. The Sensing Circuit, in turn, is expressed in a person's desire to explore new horizons experientially and to constantly engage in adventures - wh ere they enjoy the process rather than the end result. The global role of the Circuit is to share and solve the problems of all humanity.

People with the dominant collective Circuit have a strong desire to share useful information, which is explained by their strong sense of human unity and equally respectful attitude towards different people's knowledge. Such people can evaluate historical experience holistically, unaffected by the colourful figures of individual personalities.