What are the Gene Keys?

Gene keys

The Gene Keys are a unique interpretation of the I Ching Hexagrams authored by Richard Rudd, one of the first students of Ra Uru Hu. The meaning of this interpretation is remotely similar to the descriptions of the Gates in Human Design, but has its own particular characteristics.

The Gene Keys theory gives a deeper understanding of the energy of every Hexagram and reveals its essence from the perspective of specific behavioural aspects manifested at different frequencies.

From a scientific point of view, every Gene Key can be associated with a specific neurotransmitter. This is a special type of protein that inhibits or excites our nervous system.

Richard Rudd

The Author of the Gene Keys Message

Richard Rudd is a philosopher, writer and one of the first students of Ra Uru Hu. He is the author of the Gene Keys message and the creator of the Hologenetic Profile concept.

Thanks to the inheritance he received, Richard had the opportunity to embark on a 20-year journey around the world in search of Truth and Purpose. In 2002, he started writing the Gene Keys teaching. This work took a full seven years. Richard currently lives in Devon, England. He continues to learn for himself and pass on to others the depth of the message contained in the Gene Keys.

In 2019, Richard Rudd was included in the list of the 100 most influential spiritual leaders of our time, according to the respected London-based publication Watkins Books Magazine.

Three Frequencies of the Gene Key Energy Vibrations

Three Frequencies of the Gene Key Energy Vibrations

The Gene Keys theory uses a qualitatively different approach to understanding the meaning of every Hexagram and describes the manifestation of its energy at different vibrational frequencies. Every Gene Key has three vibration frequencies. They are called Shadow, Gift and Siddhi.

The SHADOW is the lowest vibration frequency of the energies of our consciousness. This is the level of a person’s suffering and unconscious fears. The Shadow Frequency reflects an ancient part of consciousness that focuses solely on survival. This is the behaviour of a "tyrant" or "victim" in the struggle for comfort and security in the material world, based on false beliefs of the mind, fear or imposed stereotypes.
The GIFT is not so much as the high as the correct vibration frequency of energies circulating in the consciousness of each of us. The gift is a reflection of a healthy functioning nervous system. High frequencies harmonise the activity of excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters, supporting the stable functioning and integrity of your psyche.
The SIDDHI is the manifestation of energies vibrating at the highest possible frequency. The word Siddhi in Sanskrit means "divine gift". Metaphorically, this vibration frequency corresponds to the divine energy archetype of every Gene Key. The state of Siddhi completely transforms one's personality, illuminating one’s soul and consciousness with the light of collective wisdom.
Differences in Detailing the Meaning of the I-Ching’s Hexagrams
Original interpretation of the Hexagram
Original Interpretation of the Hexagram from the Book of Changes

HEXAGRAM 1. Qian (Creativity)

The Hexagram hieroglyph symbolizes rising energy, the sun and growing trees.

Meaning: Primal accomplishment; fortitude is auspicious.

Key words: spiritual strength, creative energy, inspiration.

Brief Description of the Gates in Human Design
Brief Description of the Gates in Human Design


The Gate of Creativity is located in the G-centre and is a part of the Individual Knowledge circuit. The energy of this Gate nourishes creativity in people and gives inspiration in the moment. It motivates us to create and make something new, without regard to the effort expended or the practical value of these transformations.

Description in Terms of the Gene Key
(Energy Archetype)
The power of creativity manifested as a form of perfect art to inspire others.
(High Frequency)
The desire to fill life with freshness and beauty, projecting the energy of a creative nature into the outside world.
(Low Frequency)
Lack of creative inspiration that distorts or limits your creativity.

Displacement of frequencies of energy vibration from Entropy to Beauty.

  • Amino acid: Leucine (Le)
  • Triplet coding: AAA
  • Codon group: Ring of Fire (1, 14)
  • Physiology: hematopoietic lobe of the liver

Leucine is an essential amino acid that improves our metabolism (absorption and exchange). It enters the body with foodstuffs through our nutrition.

Practical Value of this Knowledge

Every Gene Key describes the energy of innate talent, manifested at a different frequency. These energies govern the scenario of the personal evolution of your consciousness, and their frequencies express the spectrum of potential for personal growth.

They will help you determine which areas of your life require qualitative changes and will give detailed instructions on what exactly you need to do and what the result should be.

Practical techniques for working with Gene Keys are aimed at de-programming the patterns of shadow behaviour in the psyche and energetically reconfiguring the body’s cells to higher vibrations - Gifts.
Hologenetic Profile Report
Methodological guide for activating three sequences of the Hologenetic Profile

This version of the Report invites you to immerse yourself in the Contemplation of the three Sequences that form the Hologenetic Profile of each person. The path to your prosperity in life consists of 11 sequential steps on the key aspects of your Rave Chart, where each step is about living out and practicing a specific Gene Key from your chart.

Difficult, but very interesting work to transform your consciousness and improve the quality of your life awaits you. It involves a step-by-step movement from one Sphere to the next and working through each of them using special techniques.

Throughout the journey, we will support you and share with you the experience of our own experiment of deep immersion in each of these Sequences.