G Center in Human Design

This Center is associated with self-identification and the feeling of impersonal (so-called transcendental) love. The energies of the Gates in the G-center help people realize their unique uniqueness at a certain point in time and space. It is the understanding that only you and no one else can be in the same place at the same time.
  • Functions in the Structure of the Psyche: Feeling of impersonal love and direction
G Center is definite in 55% of people, undefined in 45%.
G Center

FUNCTION 1. Transcendent Love. Projection into the outside world of the energy of impersonal Love. FUNCTION 2. Direction. Coordination in space and perception of time.

The Gate of Creativity
Direction in the Now (The Present)
The Gate of Higher Knowing
Ability to Choose the Direction of the Self
The Gate of the Role of the Self
Moving Forward (the Future)
The Gate of the Listener
Moving Backwards (The Past)
The Gate of Extremes
Love for Humanity
The Gate of the Spirit of the Self
Universal, Transcendental Love
The Gate of the Determination of the Self
Love for Physical Forms, the Body
Profile Summary G Centre

The G-center is our individuality in motion through life. This is a magnetic monopole that forms our personal life route and attracts the energies, processes, events and people intended specifically for us. It also contains the four Gates of impersonal love, which is directed to the outside world, but is not the same feeling that we usually have for another person.

This Center is responsible for our self-identity, and also creates an internal magnetism, which points the way to the destination. Thanks to him, we come to understand our own uniqueness, learn to resolve the internal conflict between separation and love. If you trust your inner compass, it will turn out that through Strategy and Authority you can come to a perfect life, full of pleasure from where a person is, who he is, how he expresses his love to the world.

Defined G Center
A person with a defined G center, as a rule, is perfectly aware of his place in the Universe, knows who he is and where he is going. He has an inner sense of the direction in which he is led by the flow of life and specific ways of expressing his attitude towards the world and other people. Any deviation from the true essence is felt as emptiness and uncertainty, as a movement against the current. The sense of self in such people is constant, and no one can influence it. It is important for them to remember that other people are beautiful in their individuality and do not have to be like them.
Undefined G Center
Being alone, the owner of an indefinite G-center may feel lost, not knowing who he really is and how he should be. Because in society, due to constant conditioning by others, he feels different every time. Lack of stability gives rise to many questions and often leads to internal conflict. If he learns to live it without winding himself up and trying to fix himself in his individuality, then there are no problems. Such people manage to fit perfectly into any community, if they have such a goal. Deprived of their own "internal compass", they are highly dependent on their environment, so it is important for them to focus on their own feelings when choosing a place in which they are. Because it is fr om the right place for them (one wh ere a person feels calm and harmonious and likes himself) that the right people, opportunities and love come to them.
Open G center
In incorrectness, a completely open G center pushes for a widespread search for love and self-identification with anything: profession, status, religious affiliation, or even another person. The trap is that such a fixation only interferes, because many paths are open for such a person and he can literally be anyone. He may never know who to be in terms of identity, but he will be able to discover what his true being is. He can enjoy life by learning and understanding how it works. The question for such people is not who and with whom they will or want to be - there are so many other things in their Design that will guide them along the way and allow them to realize their full potential.
Do not forget that the consequences and nature of the conditioning of your indefinite or open Centers by the people around you and planetary transits directly depend on the correctness of your living your Design!
Keep in mind that the consequences and nature of the conditioning of your undefined or open Centres by the people around you and planetary transits directly depend on the correctness of your living your Design!