Channels in Human Design

An energy channel is a connection of the Gates located in two adjacent Centres. The Channels close Centres and Gates into a single chain of activations that determine your Type, Strategy, Inner Authority, presence or absence of Definitions (gaps) and much more. Consistently connecting, the Channels form separate groups of Circuits and energy Streams.
Energy Channels

A Channel becomes active when the two Gates at its ends are active, and the Centres connected by this Channel become Defined. This means that energy begins to circulate between them, just like it happens in a closed electrical circuit.

Energy “turns on” the energy Centres where the active Gates are located. Constancy of energy lies only in completely coloured, activated Channels. In addition to the thematic name, each Channel has its own numerical designation. It is formed by a combination of two numbers, each of which is the number of the Gates by which this Channel is formed.

For example, Channel 12-22 (shown below) got its numerical designation (12-22) in view of the fact that it is formed by a pair of Gates numbered 12 (Gate of Caution) and 22 (Gate of Openness).

If the Channel is half-coloured, it means that only one of the two Gates forming it is defined. Such a Channel is not active and is always waiting for its "mate" in order to fully express the quality and power of the energies circulating in it.

12 - Gate of Caution
12 - Gate of Caution
Energy of speaking from heart in an individual way
22 - Gate of Openness
22 - Gate of Openness
The energy to feel and understand the emotional desires of the collective
The channel of openness 12-22
12-22 Channel of Openness
A Design of a Social Being

Celestial bodies can activate Gates in both Personality (black) and your Design (red). Depending on this, the Channels are filled with Conscious (Personality/black) or Unconscious (Design/red) energy. If one Gate in the Channel is activated in the Design, and the second in the Personality, the energy of the entire Channel will have a mixed character of manifestation (conscious-unconscious).

This affects which aspects of the Channel you will be aware of in yourself, and which you will be able to see only from the reactions of others. The combination of active and absent Channels in people gives rise to a unique mechanics of our social interactions.