Gate 57 Intuitive Clarity (Gentle)

The energy of intuition and gaining knowledge that is beyond the physical reality. People whose intuitive consciousness ensures survival.
The Gate of Intuitive Clarity

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Spleen
  • Circuit: Knowing
  • The Channel of Perfected Form (10-57), The Channel of the Brainwave (20-57) and The Channel of Power (34-57)
  • Quarter (III): Duality
  • Deity: Jesus Christ
  • Physiology: Cranial ganglia (abdomen)
  • Additional Notes: Creative Gate, Gate of Health

This is the Gate of Hearing in the moment, having an anatomical connection with the right ear. They are the source of the consciousness of all mammals, representing the deepest insights to guide humans to survival and well-being.
The owners of these Gates have keen hearing and fine attunement with vibrations. This Gate is a place where a person literally "hears" his immune system and feels the fear of the unknown (the future).
Possessing selective hearing, such people are created so that no one can influence them. If they can stay focused in the present moment, they will always be able to let go of their underlying fear of the unknown.
The 57th needs the brute force of the reaction of the 34th Gate to ensure safety, for awareness by itself is powerless. In conjunction with the 20s, the awareness of the 57th Gate can be expressed, but is not always brought to life.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
Venus exalted. The gift of penetrating to the inner meaning that ensures timely action. The possibility of the intuition penetrating to the inner meaning.
The Moon in detriment. The Moon in detriment, where feelings are no substitute for clarity and can lead to indecision. The possibility that confusion will overpower the intuition.
Line 2
Cleansing. The clarity to establish proper values and ideals must be accompanied by resolute determination to maintain them.
Venus exalted. Perfected cleansing through inner realization. The possibility for proper values and ideals through intuition.
The Moon in detriment. A superficial cleansing that tends to hide the dirt underneath the carpet. The possibility that the depth of the intuition will be treated superficially.
Line 3
Mercury exalted. The perfected intelligence, where clarity eliminates doubt and ensures manifestation. The possibility of perfected intuition. No polarity.
No planet in detriment.
Line 4
The director.
Pluto exalted. The mastery of relationships that through clarity can maximize productivity while the sensitivity to interrelationships will ensure harmony. The possible intuitive clarity to master relationships.
Mars in detriment. A tendency given this position to be dictatorial rather than directorial. With the gift of clarity to master relationships, the possibility of being intuitively dictatorial.
Line 5
Pluto exalted. The natural ability to establish new forms while maintaining the powers of reevaluation and reexamination. This provides the clarity to examine the data and assess the process. The possible intuitive gift for evaluation.
The Moon in detriment. The tendency to keep on keeping on, that can end up as a misguided missile. When in action, the intuition may become overwhelmed and unable to assess and evaluate its progress.
Line 6
Uranus exalted. The acceptance that clarity is a double-edged sword. There are situations where understanding cannot lead to rectification. Here, Uranus' innovative quality can generally make the best out of an otherwise difficult but rarely permanent situation. Where there is no answer, only the possibilities of the intuition can make the best out of a difficult situation.
Mars in detriment. When clarity points to a problem one is unable because of circumstances to solve, a tendency to anger and frustration that provokes inevitably futile action. The possibility that when the intuition cannot solve a problem, a tendency to frustration and anger.

10 — 57 The Channel of Perfected Form
A Design of Enhanced Ability to Survive
34 — 57 The Channel of Power
A Design of a Human Archetype
20 — 57 The Channel of the Brainwave
A Design of Awareness in the Present Moment

Instinctual awareness is our most important security system, located in the Splenic Center. This Center instantly catches any threats from the outside, gives the necessary signals and makes you move in a safe direction. It is also responsible for the functioning of our immunity.