Gate 18 Correction (Work on what has been spoilt)

An energy that pushes you to fix what seems imperfect or needs improvement. People who have the gift to see everything that is wrong in order to improve it. An energy that gives strength to correct what seems imperfect or needs improvement.
The Gate of Correction

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Spleen
  • Circuit: Understanding
  • The Channel of Judgment (18-58)
  • Quarter (III): Duality
  • Deity: Jesus Christ
  • Physiology: Lymphatic system
  • Additional notes: no

It is natural for the holders of this Gate to see flaws in any scheme (pattern) and feel most happy when it is challenged or questioned.
Through this Gate comes the most profound conditioning from our parents, especially those of the opposite sex. It is important to understand that the parental influence that such people were once subjected to is actually the source of their natural ability to criticize.
However, without an active 58th Gate, such people have a tendency to only see the flaws in things without doing anything to fix them. The 18th Gate represents the fear of authority and the challenge to that authority.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
Conservatism. The adherence to traditional patterns despite and/or in spite of changing circumstances.
The Earth exalted. Gradual modification to avoid eventual upheaval. The potential to correct through gradual modification of judgments.
Jupiter in detriment. The Patriarch whose rigidity guarantees deterioration. The potential to refuse to correct.
Line 2
Terminal disease. The recognition that what has been spoilt is irreversible.
Pluto exalted. Acceptance and strength derived from a faith in spiritual regeneration. The acceptance that there is no potential for correction.
Moon in detriment. The futile raging against the wind. The refusal to accept that there is no potential for correction.
Line 3
The zealot. The energetic obsession to clean house.
Neptune exalted. The dissolution of old forms at an acceptable price. An obsession with correction and its critical potential.
Jupiter in detriment. Rigid judgmentation that creates as many problems as it solves. An obsession with correction that does not bring satisfaction.
Line 4
The incompetent. Difficulties as a result of inadequacies that cannot be resolved because of inadequacies.
Earth exalted. Given this negative position, survival through suffering. The inability to correct and its potential for suffering.
Mercury in detriment. Indecision and anxiety and no escape from misfortune. The demands of correction and its potential to generate anxiety.
Line 5
Therapy. The strength to recognize a problem and to accept that it is beyond one's power to solve it alone.
Saturn exalted. The wisdom to both seek and provide guidance. The potential for correction and judgment through relationships.
Uranus in detriment. The mental patient. Chronic instability and potential madness. Where relationships cannot assist in correction the potential of mental instability.
Line 6
Buddhahood. The perfected form.
Mars exalted. The Buddha state of the eternal child and the energy to find new horizons to avoid stasis. The potential of the perfected form through correction.
The Moon in detriment. The mundane application of the above. The ability to tap public opinion and share methodology. The potential to share the values of the correction with others.

18 — 58 The Channel of Judgement
A Design of Insatiability in Maintaining the Perfected Form

Instinctual awareness is our most important security system, located in the Splenic Center. This Center instantly catches any threats from the outside, gives the necessary signals and makes you move in a safe direction. It is also responsible for the functioning of our immunity.