Gate 59 Sexuality (Dispersion)

The energy of seduction that moves other people towards intimacy, close and trusting relationships. People who are driven by their genes to reproduce children or fruits of creativity.
The Gate of Sexuality

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Sacral
  • Circuit: Defense
  • The Channel of Mating (6-59)
  • Quarter (III): Duality
  • Deity: Thoth
  • Physiology: Sex organs (sacrum)
  • Additional Notes: Social Gate, Creative Gate, Role Gate

Manifesting as a desire for sexual intimacy, this Gate determines one of the six sexual strategies for attracting the best partner, which is expressed through the six lines of this Gate.
Such people should wait for their response before jumping into a relationship. Otherwise, they risk remaining on the surface of intimacy instead of penetrating deeply into another being.
This is the Gate of Fertility, which, when combined with the 6, greatly increases the likelihood of conception. Important: they are more related to sex and intimacy than to marriage. The 59th Gate needs the boundaries of the 6th in order to decide when and with whom intimacy can occur.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
The preemptive strike.
Sun exalted. The authority and vitality that in understanding purpose and direction can recognize and eliminate barriers before they become impregnable. The power of fertility to impregnate.
Mercury in detriment. In this position, the ability and intelligence to recognize, but a deep indecisiveness about how and when to act. The potential of fertility limited by uncertainty.
Line 2
Shyness. Self-imposed barriers.
Uranus exalted. A preferred and natural separateness that protects against the inevitable instability engendered by union. The restriction of the sex drive to maintain separateness.
Pluto in detriment. A calculated shyness, rooted in deep psychological barriers, that even in dynamic individuals will always restrict interaction. Infertility, rooted psychologically or biologically, that conditions the drive for separateness.
Line 3
Saturn exalted, where the search for identity and security can only be achieved through the dropping of barriers, in order to define oneself through union. Where one is empowered through union and intimacy with others.
Mars in detriment. Where openness is transformed into promiscuity and its attendant problems. Where the drive for empowerment, through union and intimacy, can lead to promiscuity.
Line 4
Venus exalted. The dropping of barriers to union to establish a universal union. The power derived from non-sexual intimacy.
Mercury in detriment. An intellectual understanding that is rarely put into action. Where the idea cannot restrain the sex drive.
Line 5
The femme fatale or Casanova.
Sun exalted. The power to use love to break down any barrier. Given the Sun's 'lightness' there is no negative connotation inherent in this description. The power of sexuality to attract others.
Uranus in detriment. Uranus in detriment, where the negative potential of this power becomes evident. The Gigolo, the adventuress. The power of sexuality expressed as sexual power.
Line 6
The one night stand. The tendency based on personality or circumstances to accept only tempo- rary unions that may be otherwise impossible or dangerous to continue.
Venus exalted. The perfected relationship whether for a moment or an eternity. The power for intimacy regardless of conditions.
Mercury in detriment. The basic drive to move on, that seeks impermanency as a matter of course and not in response to circumstances. The drive for sexual and intimate diversity.

6 — 59 The Channel of Intimacy
A Design Focused on Procreation (Reproduction)

The Sacral center contains the energies of sexuality, productivity, and the daily creative energy that makes everything possible on our planet. This center-motor is a source of vital energy in its purest form, which is inherent only in Generators and Manifesting Generators.