Knowledge Base

For today the Human Design system without exaggeration can be called the most accurate and relevant tool for self-knowledge. Your rave chart with extraordinary accuracy will tell you what is innate in you by nature.

You will learn your strengths and areas in which you are most vulnerable, also you will discover your innate talents and predispositions. You will understand in which direction you need to move in order to live life to its fullest and what you need to feel like a happy person and bring maximum benefit to this world.

You need to learn the basic terms and the basic elements that make up your rave chart, in order to be good at this knowledge. Having studied them, you can safely dive into this fascinating study to yourself and your environment.

Especially for these purposes, we have made a full-fledged Knowledge Base on our website, which we will continue to actively fill with new sections and other useful information. We hope that it will help you to learn this valuable knowledge easier and faster!