Gate 12 Caution (Standstill)

The energy to speak from the heart in its own individual way. People who are naturally careful to be understood correctly by others.
The Gate of Caution

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Throat
  • Circuit: Knowing
  • The Channel of Openness (12-22)
  • Quarter (II): Civilization
  • Deity: Lakshmi
  • Physiology: Thyroid Gland
  • Additional Notes: Social Gateway

The holders of this Gate can express their thoughts very clearly if they are in the right mood. In this case, their words and actions can have a profound emotional impact on those around them.
The potential for mutation here is expressed not so much through the words themselves, but through the tone and vibration of the voice. It is also the Gate of Silence: such people can use the auric power of their silence to influence others.
The 12th Gate needs the 22nd: "A voice that seeks to express a deep emotional truth." Because 12-22 is an acoustic channel, when these people start talking, they can hear the emotional quality through the tone of voice (whether it's their own wave or someone else's). But until they start talking, they won't know: they need to wait for clarity about their feelings.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
The monk. Withdrawal that can only be maintained with communal support.
Venus exalted. The beauty and harmony possible beyond the reach of temptation. The expression of social withdrawal and its value when supported by others.
Jupiter in detriment. Simon the Stylite, total and often absurd withdrawal. The absurd expression of social caution and extreme withdrawal from emotional contact.
Line 2
Purification. Rigorous withdrawal from negative influences.
Saturn exalted. The discipline to maintain a pure state. The expression of disciplined social caution.
Mercury in detriment. The boredom that arises out of lack of stimulation. Caution that manifests boredom and the expressed desire for stimulus.
Line 3
Confession. The process of self-analysis.
Neptune exalted. The recognition of inadequacies and the purging of unjustified vanities. The expression of inadequacies in social interaction that leads to self-analysis and caution.
Mars exalted. A perverse and often exaggerated self-hatred. Inadequacies in social interaction that lead to the expression of self-hatred.
Line 4
The prophet. The ability to foresee and plan for the end of standstill.
The Earth exalted. The rousing of the stagnant for communal preparation. The ability to foresee and express the need for social interaction and an end to caution.
Mercury in detriment. The voice in the wilderness. The expressed need for social interaction that falls on deaf ears.
Line 5
The pragmatist. The success of restraint lies in not abandoning the lessons learnt when the phase ends.
Sun exalted. Light is always conscious of darkness. Caution as an expression of social experience.
Mars exalted. The tendency to remember only the most painful lessons learnt. Caution which is conditioned by the most painful social experiences.
Line 6
Metamorphosis. Faith in, and energy applied towards change and the emergence from standstill.
Sun exalted. Creative transcendence that when connected to the Harmonic Gate 22, through the channel of Openness, leads to successful mutation and the emergence of a new social form. The capacity to mutate and express new social forms.
The Earth in detriment. A retrograde metamorphosis that has evolved a perfected adaption to standstill. The perfected adaption to caution that can accept social limitations.

12 — 22 The Channel of Openness
A Design of a Social Being

This is the center of self-expression. Everything that happens in your Consciousness and at the Subconscious level finds its expression in the outer world through words or actions, that is, through the Throat Center.