Types in Human Design

Types are one of the fundamental concepts in Human Design. The Type is a unique energetic mechanics of your form, which is defined by a combination of Defined and Undefined Centres. This form contains the energies of all the 26 Gates (Gene Keys) activated in your Rave Chart.

To determine your energy Type, simply look at your chart and see which Centres in it are coloured in and which ones remain white. Shaded Centres are Defined, they are filled with energy, and those that are not shaded are not defined. The second thing to pay attention to is how the Defined Centres are connected to each other.

If our body is "a vehicle", and our mind is the " passenger in the back seat,", then the Type can be compared to the brand of this car. Your Type shows how you are designed to move through life and interact with other Types in order to reach your full natural potential.

Correlation of Types, their functions and differences:

9% of the population
Initiates processes and automatically involves people of a different Type in the action
38% of the population
Puts their energy into constructive and beneficial processes, acting out of response
Manifest Generator
M. Generator
32% of the population
This is a Generator with a self-involvement function and a channel for direct access to the energy of their Sacral
20% of the population
Recognises and co-ordinates the capabilities of other Type people, with an excellent understanding of their mechanics
1% of the population
Mirrors the energy of people of a different Type and is more strongly influenced by the Lunar Transit

The Human Design System divides the energy mechanics of humans into 4 main Types and 1 subtype:

  • Manifestoors – initiators of processes.
  • Generators (subtype - Manifesting Generators) - builders, creators.
  • Projectors - advisers, coordinators, guides.
  • Reflectors - observers and mirror reflectors of energies.

Each of us from birth belongs to one of these types, and this is a given for life. After all, such a clear division of people's energy mechanics into four categories is not just a division according to psychological characteristics or personality characteristics. These are four fundamentally different biogenetic schemes, imprinted in every cell of our bodies. They predetermine our health, sexuality, relationships, and even how we breathe. They are a visual representation of our biochemistry.

The Four Types are four completely different views on how life works and how to achieve success and prosperity in it. For each Type, there is a specific instruction on how to move properly and correctly in the flow of life, taking into account the important features of one's mechanics, and how to avoid unnecessary resistance of the environment or interference from other "traffic" participants.

Generators and Manifesting Generators have a defined Sacral and thus have constant access to the source of life force. In the Rave Chart of Manifestors, Projectors and Reflectors, the Sacral Centre is always undefined, and they, unlike the Generators, are deprived of such access.

However, the Manifestor has access to the energy of one of the Motor Centres - through a direct connection of this Centre with the Throat. Therefore, this type, as well as both types of Generators, is considered an Energy Type. Projectors and Reflectors are non-Energy Types.

Activations of energy centres, which are characteristic of each of the four Types, endow the aura of this Type with its own specificity, and its energy structure acquires distinctive physical properties.

Each Type has clear "markers" that will tell you that you have strayed from your true path - the so-called "Not-Self" theme. "Not-Self" is an emotional state or physical sensation of a negative nature that inevitably accompanies a person if they act against their nature or ignore it.

Making decisions "out of the mind" almost always creates unnecessary resistance to your plans, giving rise to dissatisfaction, fear, anxiety and self-doubt in you. And social activity in the “Not-Self” only attracts people and situations into your life that will support and exacerbate these unpleasant sensations.

In order to normalise the work of their energy mechanics, any person needs to be guided by the Strategy of his Type. A Strategy is a model of behaviour that is correct for your mechanics. If we continue the analogy with a car, then Strategy is the “driving style”, the way of driving your specific "car".

Each of us has Inner Authority - our own and only correct way of making decisions. Following the Strategy allows you to hear this inner voice and helps to discover your true self.

By following your Type's Strategy, you will attain that special state of harmony with yourself and the world, which in Human Design is called the Type Signature. Each of the four Types has its own special Signature.

Take a step towards yourself - just try on the Strategy of your Type and see the result!