Gate 14 Power Skills (Possession in Great Measure)

This energy feeds the direction of your life. Fertile, sacred power in its highest manifestation. People whose creative potential lies in the love for their work.
The Gate of Power Skills

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Sacral
  • Circuit: Knowing
  • The Channel of the Beat (2-14)
  • Quarter (IV): Mutation
  • Deity: Hades
  • Physiology: Small intestine
  • Additional notes: no

The holders of this Gate have the potential to master all the necessary skills and commitment in order to bring new projects and creative endeavors into the world. They are here to work, but they need to find an occupation that will bring them satisfaction.
It is also the Gate of Wealth because it has the power to create wealth through constant creativity.
The 14th Gate needs the 2nd to give a viable direction. The 14th alone is pure potential to keep going, but without the 2, it becomes the Gate of Bondage where people can get stuck in endless activity with no sense of direction.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
Money isn't everything The recognition that wealth has its own problems.
Jupiter exalted. The lust for lucre tempered by higher principles. The key to manifesting power is higher principles.
Mercury in detriment. The delusion that you can throw money at problems. Energy alone can never be the key.
Line 2
Management. The wisdom that investing in expertise brings rewards.
Jupiter exalted. Expansion. The ability to delegate responsibility. The key to power lies in not trying to be and to do everything alone.
Mars in detriment. The vanity to be one's own best expert. The key to power is doing everything individually.
Line 3
Service. The utilization of talent and wealth for the highest good.
The Earth exalted. Selfless contribution to society. The key to power lies in selfless contribution to others.
Neptune exalted. Greed and the self-destruction of moral fibre. The power of selfishness to fuel greed.
Line 4
Security. The concentration on establishing a strong foundation.
The Moon exalted. Protection from assault. The key to power lies in developing skills to ensure a strong foundation.
Mars in detriment. Overconfidence in meeting the challenge of competition that may threaten the very basis of security. Without the proper skills the inability to guarantee security.
Line 5
Arrogance. The ever present risk inherent in positions of power.
Sun exalted. Innate dignity. Innate dignity that is a key to power.
Venus in detriment. A dissatisfaction with the gifts of others that creates feelings of superiority. Innate recognition of those without power fueling the illusion of superiority.
Line 6
Humilty. Wealth and power at its most exalted.
Sun exalted. The enlightened recognition that material success is God's will. Spirituality as the key to acceptance and the source of power.
The Earth in detriment. All manifestations of this position are essentially positive. The Earth represents the existentialist recognition that material success was unavoidable and the humility engendered by such serendipity. Existentialism as the key to acceptance and the source of power.

2 — 14 The Сhannel of the Beat
A Design of Being a "Keeper of Keys" to All Doors

The Sacral center contains the energies of sexuality, productivity, and the daily creative energy that makes everything possible on our planet. This center-motor is a source of vital energy in its purest form, which is inherent only in Generators and Manifesting Generators.