Gate 13 Listener (Fellowship of Man)

An energy to be listening and open that attracts others to come and share their experiences. People with a natural gift for listening to others.
The Gate of the Listener

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: G
  • Circuit: Sensing
  • The Channel of The Prodigal (13-33)
  • Quarter (I): Initiation
  • Deity: Kali
  • Physiology: Tonsils
  • Additional Notes: Role Gates

Such people often hear things that others fail to hear. If they wait, they will soon hear all the secrets.
They are born chroniclers of experience and history: in their presence, people tend to share what happened to them. Therefore, often the owners of these Gates know more than others, although they do not always show it.
The 13th Gate is the conclusion point of the Experiential Circuit, where the memory of all its cycles is kept. Their owners need the 33rd Gate to remember and bring to light what they have heard, otherwise the secrets may never come out. Without 33, they'll keep secrets to themselves.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
Empathy. The ability to relate and commune with everyone with equanimity.
Venus exalted. Harmony through affection. A role of openness in listening to others with affection.
The Moon in detriment. The politician kissing babies. An openness that is never free of motives.
Line 2
Bigotry. The risk, always present, that fellowship can only exist for a particular type, whether racial, religious, national or intellectual.
The Moon exalted. Tolerance as the least offensive manifestation of bigotry. A role of openness through tolerance.
Sun in detriment. The obsessive belief that the highest ideals cannot be embraced by the lowest forms. An extremely difficult position, where even the highest ideals provide rationalization for hatred. A role of openness so narrow that there is practically no one worth listening to.
Line 3
Pessimism. The belief that what is best can never be achieved.
The Earth exalted. A lack of trust that can only be transformed through concrete evidence. Openness that is conditioned by suspicion and seeks evidence.
Venus in detriment. Pessimism exalted to an art form, where as art, it may have the opposite effect. Satire. Where the rightness of suspicion can inspire satire.
Line 4
Fatigue. The point of exhaustion eventually reached when one is too tired to fight.
Pluto exalted. The renaissance that comes with truce and its eventual reinvigoration. Openness which leads to exhaustion and the need for silence.
Venus in detriment. Emotional exhaustion. Appeasement and withdrawal. A role where openness is a vulnerability.
Line 5
The saviour. The ability to overcome all obstacles for the betterment of humanity.
Neptune exalted. The charismatic genius who can find a role for everyone. The listener that has a gift for finding a role for others.
Jupiter in detriment. The able administrator. Given the extreme positive nature of this position, mundane application is rare. The listener whose gift for finding a role for others is practical and suited to administration.
Line 6
The optimist. The ability to accept any limited interaction as a necessary step towards greater union.
Mars exalted. The energy to persevere. Unlimited hope. The hope that openness will lead to better relationships.
Mercury in detriment. Naivete. The translation of mutual interest into universality. The belief that mutual interests can be projected on others.

13 — 33 The Channel of the Prodigal
A Design of a Witness and Storyteller

This Center is associated with self-identification and the feeling of impersonal (so-called transcendental) love. The energies of the Gates in the G-center help people realize their unique uniqueness at a certain point in time and space. It is the understanding that only you and no one else can be in the same place at the same time.