Gate 50 Values (Cauldron)

Energy to preserve tribal values, maintain justice and social equality. People who are born to set or challenge values ​​or responsibilities in a community.
The Gate of Values

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Spleen
  • Circuit: Defense
  • The Channel of Preservation (27-50)
  • Quarter (III): Duality
  • Deity: Minerva
  • Physiology: Immune System
  • Additional notes: no

Such people have an innate responsibility towards the community and the people around them. Since this Gate represents a potential fear of responsibility, its bearers may be lawbreakers or defy established rules.
The 50th Gate compresses all the currents of awareness that flow through the Spleen Center. Each person with this Gate is a potential custodian or destroyer of values ​​in their community.
The importance of historical continuity, whose traditional (tribal) values ​​serve the present and the future, enrich them and support justice and social equality.
These people are here to take responsibility for people without having to necessarily take care of them, and with active 27s, the gift of caring is also acquired.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
The immigrant. Humbleness of origin that benefits rather than restricts destiny.
Mars exalted. The desire to be effective and successful that builds on the most fundamental strengths while it refines its nature. The awareness that the growth and refinement of values will benefit destiny.
Venus in detriment. A dissatisfaction with/or embarrassment with origins, that makes an obsession of refinement. A dissatisfaction with original values that demands refinement.
Line 2
Sun exalted. The strength of purpose that can enjoy overcoming adversity to achieve its goals. The strength derived from maintaining one's values in the face of opposition or conditioning.
Venus in detriment. A discomfort with adversity that may lead to determined withdrawal. A lack of strength, where values are threatened by opposition or conditioning.
Line 3
The Moon exalted. The Moon exalted, that when unable to make it alone will naturally align itself with nurturing and protective forces. The awareness that to maintain one's principles and values the support of others is necessary.
Mercury in detriment. A resentment when its natural mental gifts are ignored and is forced to curry favour in order to survive. Discomfort with the awareness that one cannot stand alone by one's principles.
Line 4
Corruption. The lack of enriching values.
Saturn exalted. The malefic gift of turning inferior values into material success. Given this difficult position, Saturn's exaltation is, that its actions are limited to selfishness and unsavouriness rather than criminality. The capacity to maintain one's strength despite inferior values.
Mars in detriment. With such energy and no traditional values, the worst can be expected. The potential disregard of values that may lead to corruption or the breakdown of the defense system.
Line 5
Consistency. When continuity has brought success, it should not be tampered with.
Saturn exalted. The disciplined and natural conservatism to avoid unnecessary change. The conservative awareness that basic principles should not be abandoned casually.
Mars in detriment. A perverse reaction to rebel against the methodology of one's very success. When effectively stimulated, the drive to rebel against basic principles.
Line 6
Venus exalted. The gift in a position of power to maintain harmony even in severity. The strength to maintain one's values with vigour and continue to have harmonic relationships with others.
The Moon in detriment. An inherent moodiness, that in a position of power may at times alienate or offend and effect overall efficiency. The strength to mainrtain one's values but at the expense of harmonic relationships.

27 — 50 The Channel of Preservation
A Design of a Equality Fighter and Defender of Collective Values

Instinctual awareness is our most important security system, located in the Splenic Center. This Center instantly catches any threats from the outside, gives the necessary signals and makes you move in a safe direction. It is also responsible for the functioning of our immunity.