Gate 31 Leading (Influence)

The energy of leadership, which is expressed verbally, is based on the reputation and authority of the speaker. People who are better at showing others how to achieve goals than leading them to those goals.
The Gate of Leading

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Throat
  • Circuit: Understanding
  • The Channel of the “Alpha” (7-31)
  • Quarter (II): Civilization
  • Deity: Maat
  • Physiology: Throat (thyroid gland)
  • Additional notes: no

The holders of this Gate can be very powerful, provided they open their mouths at the right moment. Despite their power, they cannot offer their leadership to others, but gain influence if they are invited or elected.
They are like political figures leading humanity to a brighter future. When they talk about it, they are always readily listened to.
However, the 31st is simply the Gate of Leadership, whether for good or bad. Without an active 7th Gate, a 31st wearer can seem like a mouthful as they have no power and no sense of identity with what they are saying.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
Manifestation. Influence cannot exist in a vacuum.
Sun exalted. The Sun does not/cannot hold back its light and thus its influence on every life. The natural expresion of leadership.
The Earth in detriment. The absorption of light, that in darkness can only promise manifestation. The unnatural expression of leadership.
Line 2
Arrogance. Independent action without guidance.
Jupiter exalted. The dedication to higher principles that cannot wait for consensus. Leadership that cannot wait for consensus.
Mercury in detriment. A reasoned arrogance that out of nervous tension jumps the gun and often misfires. The drive for expression that cannot wait and may cost leadership.
Line 3
Sun exalted. The ability to carefully assess and choose the proper influence and to tailor one's behaviour accordingly. The capacity to lead enhanced through association with the proper influences.
Jupiter in detriment. Qualitative selectivity with the risk of a runaway enthusiasm that may lead to humiliation. The drive to lead that will accept any follower and the risks.
Line 4
Intent. The success of influence based on how it is perceived.
The Moon exalted. Public acknowledgment of a nurturing and protective influence. External positive recognition of one's capacity to lead.
Mars in detriment. Perceived ego aggrandizement and attempted manipulation. External negative projection of one's capacity to lead.
Line 5
Self-righteousness. Lack of external influence guaranteed by attitude.
Pluto exalted. A natural specialization that only develops in isolation. However, when the development is complete, the extremely difficult and generally impossible task of externalizing the influence. A specialization that demands that one leads oneself.
The Moon in detriment. A deep focus on personal experience that is self-fulfilling and has no external ambitions. A lack of ambition where one is content to lead oneself.
Line 6
Sun exalted. Actions which match the words and thus guarantees success. Leadership whose expression and action must be one and the same.
The Moon in detriment. A superficiality in application that borders on hypocrisy and is justifiably treated accordingly. The hypocrisy according to leading in words but not action.

7 — 31 The Channel of the Alpha
A Design of the Alpha Leader (for Good and Bad)

This is the center of self-expression. Everything that happens in your Consciousness and at the Subconscious level finds its expression in the outer world through words or actions, that is, through the Throat Center.