Gate 17 Opinions (Following)

The energy of opinion through the projection of one's mind into the future in order to serve something (be useful). People who form opinions with the thought of the future in order to be useful, to serve something.
The Gate of Opinions

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Ajna
  • Circuit: Understanding
  • The Channel of Acceptance (17-62)
  • Quarter (I): Initiation
  • Deity: Michael
  • Physiology: Pituitary gland (Left hemisphere), Right eyeball
  • Additional notes: Logic, understanding

The holders of this Gate are logicians who need to organize the solutions of their doubts into a working concept ready to be expressed to others. They should refine the new opinion from the mental pattern so that it can withstand testing and criticism.
This is a type of visually oriented people who have the ability to see and understand patterns, patterns, structures, but often cannot explain what they see. It is also the Gate of Time Distortion - as a rule, their owners have an unusual sense of time.
The 17th gate forms its opinion based on its response to doubts from channel 4-63. However, opinions at this stage are more theoretical and need the presence of the 62nd Gate to add details and precise facts for concreteness.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
Mars exalted. The energy to sustain a broad spectrum of stimuli. The possibility of having many opinions.
Venus in detriment. A tendency to limit openness to aesthetically pleasing stimuli. The possibility to limit opinions to what is pleasing.
Line 2
Discrimination. The benefit of associations based on the highest values.
Sun exalted. The successful achievement of purpose through proper alignment. The possibility to develop opinions through relationships.
The Moon in detriment. An overactive discrimination that leaves one virtually alone. The possibility of being opinionated at the expense of relationships.
Line 3
Understanding. The awareness that the best road is not necessarily the most interesting.
Pluto exalted. The following of the best road provides the experience necessary to meet the challenge of the road's end. The understanding that the best opinions are grounded in detail.
The Earth in detriment. The taking of short cuts. One may get to the end quicker, but essential experience will be missing. The possibility of skipping details and limiting the value of the opinion.
Line 4
The personnel manager.
Pluto exalted. The ability to probe and discover the underlying motivation and resources of those who wish to follow. The possibility of opinions based on the understanding of others.
Jupiter in detriment. The overgenerous and often misguided acceptance of would-be followers, often with disastrous results. The possibility of opinions attracting others.
Line 5
No human is an island. The recognition, however understood that there is no end to hierarchies.
Uranus exalted. The ultimate creative expression of interdependency, whether as God's will or global synthesis. Opinions that can express the value of being organized whether mundane or spiritual.
Mars in detriment. The arrogance, despite all the evidence to claim, that the buck stops here! The possibility of opinions that refuse to see the value of being organized.
Line 6
The bodhisattva. Perfected following, one with and the same as, perfected leading.
The Moon exalted. The great nurturer. The nature of this position is always positive. The possibility in understanding the nature of interdependency to express opinions of value to others.
Jupiter in detriment. The tendency on the perfected path it is a straight line that ends rather than a circle. Where understanding is achieved, the possibility of having the opinion that there is nothing else to learn.

17 — 62 The Channel of Acceptance
A Design of an Organisational Being

This is the Center of Mental Awareness, which is responsible for how a person thinks and processes the information, inspiration and thoughts that come to his head.