Gate 22 Grace (Openness)

The energy to feel and understand the emotional desires of the collective. People under pressure to express their feelings and able to hear the emotional desires of the collective.
The Gate of Openness

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Solar Plexus
  • Circuit: Knowing
  • The Channel of Openness (12-22)
  • Quarter (I): Initiation
  • Deity: Mitra
  • Physiology: Cranial ganglia
  • Additional Notes: Social Gateway

In this gate, the emotional spirit of a person is transmitted to others as a mood. When the emotional wave of the owners of this Gate is on the rise, they surprise with an almost magnetic natural charm, graceful and sociable, but when the wave is on the decline, their behavior can be inadequate and anti-social.
These people have the potential to empower others through the depth of their emotions. This is the Gate of the left ear, which hears only in accordance with its wave, that is, only what it is in the mood to hear. If they want to know something fully, they need to hear it several times in different moods.
Without an active 12th Gate, it is an emotional wave that has no verbal expression. Such people may know how they feel, but be unable to express it.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
Second class ticket.
The Moon exalted. The ability to accept and enjoy a subordinate position. The emotional awareness to enjoy a subordinate position.
Mars exalted. The inevitable humiliation that comes with claiming a first class seat with a second class ticket. Where the emotional energy challenges the awareness and can result in humiliation socially.
Line 2
Charm school. The belief that style can mask nature.
Sun exalted. The ability to successfully delude oneself and others. The possibility to attract others with an emotional style.
Jupiter in detriment. The legalization of form over substance. Where the style is energized at the expense of awareness.
Line 3
The enchanter. Perfected grace.
Saturn exalted. Form as a definition and actualization of substance. The possibility for perfected openness through the alignment of emotional energy and awareness.
Mars in detriment. Unconscious grace. An innate openness.
Line 4
Sensitivity. The modification of behaviour to enrich interactions.
Neptune exalted. A mediumistic simplicity that rejects elaborate rituals. The possibility of social openness through the rejection of formality.
Mars in detriment. An over-reliance on the mechanics of style that can abort potentially significant relationships. The limitation of social openness through the need for formality.
Line 5
Directness. The disregard of form when required.
Jupiter exalted. The power inherent in higher principles to successfully transgress behavioral codes. The possibility through emotional awareness to behave individualistically in social interaction.
Mars in detriment. A tendency to create embarrassing situations, and though invariably successful, the often resulting reputation for crudity and impudence. The possibility that individual behaviour in social interaction will generate negative projections from others.
Line 6
Maturity. The alignment with experience of form with substance.
Sun exalted. Natural and evident leadership and authority. The possibility that experience in so- cial interaction will result in a leadership capacity.
Mars in detriment. The alignment tends to express itself in nonconformist modes. The possibility that experience in social interaction will result in a non-conformist expression of openness.

12 — 22 The Channel of Openness
A Design of a Social Being

Everything that can be called emotions, moods and experiences is connected with the Solar Plexus Center. The cycle of emotions in a certain solar plexus always goes in waves: from delight to despair, from happiness to hopelessness.