Gate 49 Principles (Revolution)

The energy of principles and revolution that insists on one's beliefs or forces others to change their ideology. People whose principles can cause rejection by others or by others.
The Gate of Principles

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Solar Plexus
  • Circuit: Ego
  • The Channel of Synthesis (19-49)
  • Quarter (I): Initiation
  • Deity: Kali
  • Physiology: Solar plexus
  • Additional Notes: Mystic Gate

This is the Gate of divorce and revolution, endowing their owners with the need to obey them. Such people can be both very sensitive and insensitive to people and even animals (this is the Gate of the "breeder or butcher").
Their eternal question is who will stay with them and support them. Since their principles depend on the ups and downs of the emotional wave, such people should maintain communication with loved ones in order to maintain clarity in relationships.
The carriers of the 49th Gate need the material resources of the 19th, otherwise they may be unable to maintain their principles. Ideally, it should be a form transformation based on higher ideals, and not just for the sake of power.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
The law of necessity. Revolution has no support unless it is perceived as necessary.
Jupiter exalted. The understanding and application of this law to maximize expansion of support and thereby ensure viability. The awareness that the potential of a principle is based on it being accepted as viable.
Sun in detriment. The misuse of influence, to insist that necessity can be created out of action. The 'Helter Skelter' syndrome. To commit acts of disorder as proof that disorder exists. Oversensitivity to rejection that can turn a principle into a crusade.
Line 2
The last resort.
The Earth exalted. The determination to exhaust every possible peaceful avenue for change and then when satisfied that no other course is possible, to plan in detail before revolution is attempted. The potential to explore every possibility before rejecting.
Pluto in detriment. The overwhelming revolutionary urge that is impatient with accommodation and negotiation. The tendency here is the coup d'etat that has little general support. Impatience with accomodation.
Line 3
Popular discontent.
Neptune exalted. The ability to destroy antiquated forms once the restrictions have been removed. The potential in sensitivity to reject failed principles or relationships.
Pluto in detriment, with general support, a savageness in eliminating the old order that may permanently scar the new. An insensitivity in rejection and rejecting.
Line 4
Jupiter exalted. A political and social agenda, embodied in guarantees to human rights that ensures a just and valued replacement of the old order. A potential sensitivity to the needs of society.
Mars in detriment. Promises, promises, promises and only to guarantee support with little possibility of implementation. A potential to insensitively take advantage of the needs of society.
Line 5
The Moon exalted. Practical provisions for the needs of others in revolutionary times which ensures support and continued understanding. A potential sensitivity to the practical needs of others.
Mars in detriment. A concentration on the organization of power to clearly define authority often at the expense of higher principles. A rejection of higher principles in seeking to organize others.
Line 6
Attraction. The power of revolution in action to expand its support.
Neptune exalted. An innate impressionability that transforms the fence-sitter into the committed. The sensitivity and potential to embrace and transform others.
Saturn in detriment. Stubborn, and often fatal, rejectionism. Oversensitivity that leads to rejection of prin- ciples and others as a rule.

19 — 49 The Channel of Synthesis
A Design of Emotional Sensitivity to the Needs of Others

Everything that can be called emotions, moods and experiences is connected with the Solar Plexus Center. The cycle of emotions in a certain solar plexus always goes in waves: from delight to despair, from happiness to hopelessness.