Gate 4 Formulization (Youthful Folly)

The energy of achieving success in spite of ignorance. Logic as a means of justifying things as facts. People who need to find answers to all questions.
The Gate of Formulisation

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Ajna
  • Circuit: Understanding
  • The Channel of Logic (4-63)
  • Quarter (III): Duality
  • Deity: Thoth
  • Physiology: Neocortex (Cerebral cortex)
  • Additional notes: Logic, understanding

At this stage of the flow, the answers are only a concept - they have not yet been tested and confirmed, so they often become just a way to release mental pressure.
The holders of this Gate often experience anxiety when they do not understand something. And as soon as the answer is found, their mind is immediately filled with new questions and the process continues anew. This happens continuously.
It is important for them to remember that questions and answers are not designed for individual use, but in order to communicate with others. They have the energy to charm and succeed despite their lack of knowledge.
The 63rd Gate turns confusion into legitimate questions that the 4th can find brilliant answers to.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
Pleasure. Ultimate pleasure cannot be achieved without perfect timing.
The Moon exalted. The instinct to know the right moment and circumstances where pleasure is rewarded and not punished. The potential to recognize that there is a natural timing to the understanding process.
The Earth in detriment. Timing is not a product of discipline. Exaggerated self-discipline leads to the abuse of pleasure. The potential to recognize but the urge to force the timing.
Line 2
Acceptance. The recognition of limitation in oneself and others leads to tolerance and the suspension of judgment.
The Moon exalted. The glorification of feelings. The mother which always pardons the errant child. The potential to recognize that not everyone can understand.
Mars in detriment. The assertion of the ego at the expense of others' failures. The potential to take advantage of the lack of understanding in others.
Line 3
Irresponsibility. The general refusal to apply oneself diligently when one can get by with much less effort.
Venus exalted. Where art is more valued then the artist. The potential to enjoy the formulas with no regard to their practical application.
Pluto in detriment. The rationalization of irresponsibility as an act of refocalization. The potential to justify such a process in order to maintain it.
Line 4
The liar. Role playing as an art form. The actor.
Sun exalted. Fantasy protects and nurtures a sense of purpose and reason no matter how misguided. The potential to find or illustrate the formulas through fantasy.
Saturn in detriment. Time always brings humiliation. The potential danger to see the fantasy as fact.
Line 5
Seduction. Allowing others to assume responsibility as a shield against potential punishment.
Jupiter exalted. Unearned reward and recognition. The potential to succeed through the understanding of others.
Pluto in detriment. A life of lip service to antiquated and unsatisfying values. Cynicism. The potential for cynicism that comes with always having to acknowledge the understanding of others.
Line 6
Excess. Repeated and conscious abuse of norms will not escape discipline.
Mercury exalted. The development through experience of techniques to apply self-restraint. The potential in a logical process to recognize when the understanding is not complete and have the patience to wait out the process.
Mars in detriment. The gall to accept punishment as the price of excess. Despite recognizing the incompleteness a lack of patience with the process.

4 — 63 The Channel of Logic
A Design of Mental Ease Mixed with Doubt

This is the Center of Mental Awareness, which is responsible for how a person thinks and processes the information, inspiration and thoughts that come to his head.