Gate 40 Aloneness (Deliverance)

The energy to manifest ego determination or will power. The ability to survive and operate effectively alone. People who need to balance work and rest.
The Gate of Aloneness

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Heart
  • Circuit: Ego
  • The Channel of Community (37-40)
  • Quarter (III): Duality
  • Deity: Harmony
  • Physiology: Stomach
  • Additional Notes: Social Gateway

This is the Gate of Denial (Rejection), one of the three Gates of Solitude. Their carriers are always valued in life for their ability to work hard in society, family or business. This is the hexagram "breadwinner of the family."
However, the main theme of the Gate of the Ego Center is relaxation, so such people should be made clear to others where their boundaries are, how much they are willing to give and what they expect in return. They can be very hard when they deny others access to their will - even the time that belongs to them is very valuable to them.
The 40th Gate can be softened by the understanding and faithfulness of the 37th in order to work. If the deal is clear, the 37th will always be able to accommodate the 40th Gate's need for solitude and rest while supporting them in the process.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
Sun exalted. The ability to relax and enjoy the fruits of one's labours. The ego strength to enjoy being alone.
The Moon in detriment. The Moon cannot stand still. The ego uncomfortable with being alone too long.
Line 2
Sun exalted. The power and authority in deliverance to shed forever the qualities which hampered liberation. The power through aloneness to recognize the importance and the potential disruptive effect of others.
The Moon in detriment. A natural peacefulness that in deliverance may sympathize with and attempt to nurture the forces which hampered liberation. The power of loneliness to blind the ego to the possible disruptive effect of others.
Line 3
Humility. A calculated mode in deliverance to avoid attracting the attention of negative forces.
Pluto exalted. The subtlety to enjoy deliverance without having to flaunt it. The capacity of the ego to avoid negative forces even if it means being alone.
Mars exalted. The ego arrogance that demands attention and gets it. The capacity of the ego to demand attention.
Line 4
Uranus exalted. The power to transform and the intuitive intellect to select and organize for the purpose of maintaining deliverance. The power of the ego when organized and active, to maintain seperateness.
Mars in detriment. An uncontrollable zeal that ignores the quality of support in preference for the quantity which in the long run may destabilize deliverance. The empowering of the ego through the capacity to organize others.
Line 5
Rigidity. The recognition that to achieve liberation all negative forces must be rejected.
Uranus exalted. The revolutionary that demands absolute victory. The power of the ego is maintained in the rejection of negative relationships.
The Earth in detriment. A tendency in revolution to accept a certain amount of necessary deviation on the assumption that it can be successfully purged later. The weakness of the ego in its loneliness to maintain and not reject negative relationships.
Line 6
Decapitation. The necessary destruction of inferior forces in positions of power before liberation can take place.
Sun exalted. The authority, coupled with the magnanimity to remove from power only those which deserve such drastic treatment. The power and authority of the ego to eject individuals in legitimate defense of the group.
The Earth in detriment. Exemplified by the terror of the French Revolution, where the idea of who was deserving of punishment was cruelly extended to an entire class. The distortion of the ego through power and authority.

37 — 40 The Channel of Community
A Design of Being a Part Seeking a Whole

The desire and determination to achieve something more is born in the Heart Center. It is directly related to the material plane and the labor sphere and works best when focused on achieving specific goals in the material world.