Centers in Human Design

A personal Rave Chart is composed of several layers of information, one of which is the Energy Centers layer. An Energy Center is a group of Gene Keys (Gates) with similar properties that correspond to a group of internal organs in your body with similar biological functions.

The nine Energy Centers regulate the flow of energy in your body, ensuring that your psyche operates in a holistic and effective manner.

The Nine Centers

Each energy Center is unique in its own way. It either expresses the energy of your self to the outside world or, conversely, absorbs the energies of others. Through the Energy Centers, an auric contact is established between you and other people.

Certain mental functions and processes in your body are stimulated by the physical presence of another person nearby. Your Design, in turn, leaves a distinct energetic imprint on their mood, thoughts, and behaviour. In the Human Design system, this type of influence is referred to as conditioning.

The energy Centers in the Rave Chart are represented as geometric shapes that are highlighted with the corresponding colour or remain uncoloured depending on whether or not this Center has its own energy.

The Two Pressure Centers
The Head Center
The Root Center

The movement of energies in the personal chart structure always begins at one of the two Pressure Centers. The energies of all the Gates in these Centers serve as fuel for our body and consciousness to function.

  • The Head Center represents the pressure to "think" (to be mentally active). The Three Gates in this Center serve as sources of inspiration for our minds and fuel for being mentally active.
  • The Root Center represents the pressure to "act" (to be physically active). The Nine Gates of the Root Center determine our stress tolerance in the face of constant interaction with the outside world.
The Three Awareness Centers
The Spleen Center
The Ajna Center
The Solar Plexus Center

Centers of awareness serve as the basic filters of our inner experiences, thoughts and actions. The energies of these Centers give meaning to what we are about to express to the outside world.

  • The Spleen Center represents instinctive awareness. Innate instincts for survival and social adaptation, intuition, and immunity.
  • The Ajna Center represents mental awareness. A type of thinking and memory, a way of perceiving and processing information from the outside world.
  • The Solar Plexus Center represents emotional awareness. Emotions, feelings, worries.
The Four «Motor» Centers
The Root Center
The Sacral Center
The Heart Center
The Solar Plexus Center

Two of which (Heart and Sacral) are powerful energy sources in their pure form, and two more (Root and Solar Plexus) combine an additional «motor» function with their primary functions.

  • The Root Center represents the pressure to «act» (to be physically active).
  • The Sacral Center represents vital energy, sexuality.
  • The Heart Center represents the power of the ego, the understanding of one's own worth and capabilities.
  • The Solar Plexus Center represents emotions, feelings, worries
The Magnetic Monopole
The G Center

Inspired by feelings of transcendent (impersonal) love, our inner compass helps us navigate space, time, and evolve.

  • The G Center represents energies of impersonal love, direction and self-identity.
The Manifestation Center
The Throat Center

Expressing to the outside world the conscious and unconscious energies of all the Gates in the Rave Chart with words or actions.

  • The Throat Center — represents social communication, self-expression, spoken language.

Defined Centers are those highlighted in brown, yellow, green or blue in our version of the Rave Chart.

Such Centers reflect what will invariably be present in your life. You are energetically stable and safe from conditioning from others here. The energies of an active Gate in a Defined Center can have a strong influence on the behaviour, thoughts, or mood of those around you.

Undefined Centers are those that are not interconnected by an energy Channel but have at least one active Gate.

Such Centers in the Rave Chart are not coloured in and represent areas of your receptivity to the world. In these Centers, you do not have access to your own energy, and you are influenced by other people here. The potential for wisdom is laid down in the Undefined Centers: by being energetically conditioned, you learn something from other people.

Defined Centers are sometimes referred to as «closed» and Undefined Centers as «open» for clarity. This is not a major blunder. However, if we strictly adhere to the professional terminology of HR analysts, «closed» refers to Defined Centers with no so-called «hanging» Gates («halves» not closed in the Channel), and «open» refers to Centers with no activations at all.