Gate 19 Approach (Wanting)

This energy desires and needs to be united. The force that drives all revolutions. People whose material and emotional needs require successful interaction and association with other people.
The Gate of Wanting

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Root
  • Circuit: Ego
  • The Channel of the Synthesis (19-49)
  • Quarter (IV): Mutation
  • Deity: Guardians of the Wheel
  • Physiology: Body hair
  • Additional Notes: Mystic Gate

Such people create constant pressure on others to inform about the needs of the immediate environment or group. Thanks to this, they always ensure that their basic needs are met: it is important for them to have a full refrigerator, a place to call home, and people to communicate with.
This Gate also brings in the need and potential gift of touch and connection with nature and animals. The role of the holders of this Gate is to flirt with others to see if their needs can be met.
If the principles of another person (the 49th Gate) match their needs, then there is the possibility of making a deal with each other. And if they don't match, then the 19th Gate knows what they need, but they don't know how to get it.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
Sun exalted. The successful approach that does not loose its individual character in acceptance. The pressure of wanting without losing one's identity when being accepted by oth- ers.
The Moon in detriment. The tendency once an approach is accepted to get stuck in continued reflection at the expense of continued development. The pressure for acceptance which fears eventual rejection.
Line 2
Service. The dedication of personal resources as a result of external contact.
Jupiter exalted. Dedication and service to the highest values. The energy to want to be of service.
Mercury in detriment. Protracted indecision, but given the nature of this position, eventual compliance. The need to be wanted that will eventually turn its energy to service.
Line 3
Dedication. Receptivity to approach can only be maintained through vigilance.
Venus exalted. The natural ease with which communion is maintained. Sensitivity and ease fueled by acceptance by others.
The Moon in detriment. A tendency to moodiness that may lead to carelessness. The need to be wanted hampered by oversensitivity.
Line 4
The team player. Individual approach which attracts and accepts cooperation.
Mars exalted. The power and energy for outward activity and the ability to accept others as long as they can keep up. A driving force that can benefit the whole group. The energy to seek out and exalt in the company of others.
Venus in detriment. Attractive and cooperative but a tendency to dissatisfaction with the contribution of others. A sensitivity energized by the limitation of others.
Line 5
Sacrifice. The need to limit personal potential in order to achieve a larger goal.
The Earth exalted. The self-restraint fundamental to such a nature. Energy to keep one's sensitivities restrained.
Jupiter in detriment. A tendency in sacrifice to condescend. Sacrifice can fuel a lack of sensitivity.
Line 6
The recluse. The avoidance of contact in general but not exclusively.
Jupiter exalted. The fool on the hill. The sage, that if you can find him, will talk to you. The energy which generally fuels avoidance.
Mars in detriment. The sulking child. The self-imposed exile that will only end when it attracts appropriate and soothing reaction. Oversensitivity to rejection that fuels avoidance.

19 — 49 The Channel of Synthesis
A Design of Emotional Sensitivity to the Needs of Others

It is the center of adrenaline pressure and a powerful Motor that motivates us to be physically active. It helps you manage stress and be quick where you need it.