Gate 23 Assimilation (Splitting Apart)

The energy of awareness and understanding that leads to the acceptance of diversity. People whose recognition depends entirely on the time they speak and the degree to which they speak.
The Gate of Assimilation

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Throat
  • Circuit: Knowing
  • The Channel of Structuring (23-43)
  • Quarter (II): Civilization
  • Deity: Maya
  • Physiology: Thyroid Gland
  • Additional notes: no

It is the energy of bringing in the known and integrating it with expression. The holders of these Gates are often misunderstood and perceived as eccentrics and strangers. Their expressions can sometimes be completely out of context and socially inadequate.
To avoid this, they should learn to wait for an invitation (to a conversation or activity) and, in addition, be able to clearly state their knowledge.
This Gate brings new and innovative ways of thinking into society, using its potential to articulate concepts and express individual insights that come from the 43rd Gate.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
Proselytization. The attempt to undermine one set of values for another.
Jupiter exalted. The sage, who in the extreme can defend evil as a part of the greater good. The powerful expression of an insight which will undermine established values.
Mars in detriment. The missionary whose very light will bring darkness. The powerful expression of an insight which will produce negative effects.
Line 2
Self-defense. The need to abandon tolerance when survival is threatened.
Jupiter exalted. The principle of preservation at its most acute. The abandonment of tolerance when individual expression is threatened.
The Moon in detriment. Where Jupiter will strike out to preserve its integrity, the Moon is often satisfied with just protecting itself by fending off hostility. The defense of individual expression in the face of hostility.
Line 3
Individuality. Independent expression that is not by its nature detrimental to others.
Sun exalted. Vitality and personal power that can engender jealousy but not threat. Individual expression which attracts attention but not threat.
Pluto exalted. An individual mysteriousness that attracts active suspicion and threat. The freak. Individual expression that attracts suspicion and threat.
Line 4
Fragmentation. Diversification without a perceived potential for synthesis.
Sun exalted. Fatalism and egoism and damn the consequences. Individual expression which has no collective value.
The Earth in detriment. Atheism and paranoia. Individual expression which engenders isolation and fear.
Line 5
Assimilation. The practical acceptance of the values of another path.
Jupiter exalted. Expansion and contribution through assimilation. The gift of communicating individual insight to the collective.
The Moon in detriment. Motive driven assimilation from an inferior position, i.e. for protection or nourishment. Motive driven assimilation for acceptance and protection from the collective.
Line 6
Fusion. The gradual attunement of diversity through synthesis.
Mars exalted. The exponential growth of energy and its power of assertion engendered by fusion. Individual knowing which brings diversity to synthesis.
Jupiter in detriment. The principled but futile withdrawal from fusion that leads to atrophy. Individual knowing that holds on to diversity and loses its power in expression.

23 — 43 The Channel of Structuring
A Design of Individuality (from Genius to Freak)

This is the center of self-expression. Everything that happens in your Consciousness and at the Subconscious level finds its expression in the outer world through words or actions, that is, through the Throat Center.