Gate 37 Friendship (The Family)

Energy to rally around like-minded people. An innate desire to be part of a group, tribe, family. People who need to gain recognition of their value through family or society.
The Gate of Friendship

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Solar Plexus
  • Circuit: Ego
  • The Channel of Community (37-40)
  • Quarter (I): Initiation
  • Deity: Mitra
  • Physiology: Spinal Ganglia
  • Additional Notes: Social Gateway

The owners of this Gate guarantee the preservation of harmony in society and the family, thanks to their friendly nature and natural talent for education. They always build friendship with others on the basis of some kind of deal or agreement.
Since such people constantly follow their emotional wave, they should also make adjustments to these agreements. As long as this dynamic persists, they can be very true.
The 37th Gate is the distributor in the family or creative team, while the 40th is the provider. Both of these themes are deeply rooted in the clarity and clarity of the tribal deal.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
The mother/father. A position of inherent respect that ensures a focus for the development of guidelines.
Venus exalted. Harmony is the key to the successful maintenance of relationships. It is only through harmony that the beauty and the values of the family can endure. Friendship that is rooted in sensitivity and ensures harmony. No polarity.
No planet in detriment.
Line 2
Jupiter exalted. The understanding of the principle of individual responsibility as the foundation for successful cooperation. The possibility of friendship through individual responsibility.
Mercury in detriment. A tendency to point out the responsibility of others. The possibility that friendship will lead to pointing out the responsibilities of others.
Line 3
Evenhandedness. The success of any group is dependent on maintaining order.
Jupiter exalted. The ability to judge what behaviour is appropriate and to react in a balanced manner to transgressions. The possibility to have the sensitivity to know what behaviour is appropriate in a relationship.
Mars in detriment. An ironic tendency to either test incessantly the borders of acceptability or to respond to the very same tendency in others with severity. The possible lack of sensitivity to what behaviour is appropriate.
Line 4
Leadership by example. Any member of the family may take on a leading role through exemplary behaviour.
The Moon exalted. The manifestation of the highest principles in everyday and practical affairs. The possibility of the highest principles in all relationships resulting in a leadership role.
Saturn in detriment. A conservatism that generally only accepts the leadership of the father, who may or may not be a valued role model. The possibility of being insensitive to the leadership of anyone other than those accepted by tradition.
Line 5
Love. Natural and unaffected devotion to the family.
Venus exalted. Natural harmony and perfected sharing. Natural harmony and sharing possible through friendship.
Mars in detriment. Emotional dependency that often turns love into hatred. The possibility of dependency turning love into hate.
Line 6
Purpose. The energy to maintain the family is enhanced by recognizing its values.
Venus exalted. The gift of not only recognizing the inner meaning of the family but an appreciation for its values. The possibility of extending friendships through the appreciation of its value.
Mercury in detriment. A need for diversity that may ignore the achievements of the family in favour of withdrawal. The need for diversity that despite appreciation will prefer casual friend- ships.

37 — 40 The Channel of Community
A Design of Being a Part Seeking a Whole

Everything that can be called emotions, moods and experiences is connected with the Solar Plexus Center. The cycle of emotions in a certain solar plexus always goes in waves: from delight to despair, from happiness to hopelessness.