Twelve Profiles for Incarnation Crosses

The profile shows characteristic pattern of behaviour that a person will follow throughout his life. It is through the prism of one's Profile that each of us realises our Incarnation Cross. To determine your Profile, you need to see the Lines of Hexagrams (Gates), which are activated in the Rave Chart by the Sun and the Earth.
Twelve Profiles

The numbers next to each celestial body are the number of the Hexagram (Gates), and after the point - the number of the Line. The line represents the stage of development of the energy of each Hexagram that is activated in your Rave Chart.

Combined together, the Line of Sun/ Earth on the Personality side and on the Design side are form 12 profiles.

  • The first (black) number of the Profile forms an important pattern in human behaviour, through which the conscious part of their Incarnation Cross is manifested.
  • The second (red) number of the Profile determines that pattern of behaviour through which unconscious aspects are manifested in the Incarnation Cross.

Structurally, each Hexagram is a combination of six full and dashed lines, which are divided into two parts (Trigrams) and successively placed one above the other, like the floors of a residential building. The first three Lines (1,2,3) are called Personal and form the lower Trigram. The next three Lines (4,5,6) form the upper Trigram and are called Transpersonal.

Line 6
Line 5
Line 4
Upper Trigram
Transpersonal Lines
Line 3
Line 2
Line 1
Lower Trigram
Personal Lines
Harmonious Lines
1 и 4; 2 и 5; 3 и 6
Line 6
Line 5
Line 4
Inharmonious Lines
All other combinations
Line 3
Line 2
Line 1
Line Main Theme and Keywords Lines Brief Description of the Line in the Profile
Role Model Transition. Wisdom, detachment, search for the ideal and perfection, being yourself. If requested, he can share wisdom regarding this Hexagram (Gate).
Heretic Universalisation. Saviour, paranoia, reputation, burning at the stake. Looks for opportunities for universalization. Acts in a non-standard way, breaks stereotypes.
Opportunist Externalization. Interaction, social networking, friendliness, convenience. It spreads the possibilities of this energy in society, building a network of social connections.
Martyr Adaptation. Trial and error, practicality, experiment, openness, materialism. Gains practical experience with this energy, learns by trial and error.
Hermit Projection. Modesty, talent, inherent closeness, naturalness. Examines the energy potential of the Gate in seclusion, creates projections of this energy in the outer world.
Investigator Introspection. Basis, self-absorption, fear, insecurity, empathy. Explores the underlying potential and deeply reveals the fundamental basis of this energy.

Personal and Transpersonal Profiles

Personal Profile people (1/3, 1/4, 2/4, 2/5, 3/5, 3/6, 4/6) are designed to live their own process. They are self-centred and came to this world to implement personal evolutionary tasks. Such people may seem selfish, but it is natural for them to be interested in their path, to act in their own interests and not to notice the presence of another person’s interests. If someone helps a person with a Personal Profile on their path, great! If not, it's okay. They can move independently, because their implementation depends only on them.

Transpersonal Profile people (5/1, 5/2, 6/2, 6/3) are focused on interacting with others. Their evolutionary tasks, are usually related to the collective development of all humanity. A person with a Transpersonal Profile has an innate setting: they know that there is someone in the world besides themselves. They perceive the needs of the other and feel in themselves the potential to help. People with such Profiles fulfil their Purpose helping others in their own unique way (within the framework of their own activations: defined Centres, Channels and Gates).

The fixed fate profile (4/1) is transitional. People with such a Profile always have a clearly expressed evolutionary task (destiny), and their life is the embodiment of one of the 64 Incarnation Crosses of “juxtaposition”. The holders of such a Profile are rather conservative in their views. These are the most influential and tough people, yet attractive for their friendliness. In an attempt to be flexible and adaptive, they lose stability and influence. Social talent and powerful influence allows them to use their social connections to spread valuable knowledge.

Harmonious and Inharmonious Profiles

The harmony of the Profile is determined by the harmonious or inharmonious combination of the Lines that form this Profile. Out of the twelve Profiles, six are harmonious (1/4, 4/1, 2/5, 5/2, 3/6, 6/3) and six more are inharmonious (1/3, 2/4, 3/5, 4/6, 5/1, 6/2). There is always tension between the Conscious and the Subconscious: the body does the opposite of what the Personality wants and expects.

To the non-harmonious Profiles, this tension is necessary for the development of human self-reflective consciousness. In order to successfully and effectively fulfil their destiny, first of all, they need to find harmony within themselves. In harmonious Profiles, this tension is not so strong. Conscious and Subconscious in their energetic mechanics already have themes in harmony with each other. Therefore, the main goal of such people is to find harmony between their inner and outer world.

Ra Uru Hu used to say that a Profile is a costume that every person puts on at the moment of their birth. Taking into account further differentiation, it becomes obvious that this suit can sit on representatives of even the same Type in different ways. It will manifest itself in different ways in the correct living out of one’s Design and in the "Not- Self" state. Even without knowing anything about the features of our Design or experiencing conditioning, we carry in ourselves most of the characteristics of our Profile, considering something to be our true nature, struggling with something, trying to remake something, ignoring something.

Following of the strategy of their Type, delegating decision-making to the Inner Authority and understanding the features of their Profile, a person gets the opportunity to maximally correctly fulfil the potential of their Incarnation Cross. The more consciously a person acts within the boundaries of their strategy, the more often the various nuances of his Profile will appear and the feeling of attunement with themselves and their direction, the feeling of rightness of what is happening in life will arise.