Gate 51 Shock (Arousing)

The energy to withstand shock and awaken the inner spirit in others for a higher purpose. People who need to constantly test themselves in order to be the first or the best in something.
The Gate of Shock

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Heart
  • Circuit: Centering
  • The Channel of Initiation (25-51)
  • Quarter (I): Initiation
  • Deity: Michael
  • Physiology: Gall Bladder
  • Additional Notes: Mystic Gate

This Gate of Individual Initiative is the only one in the Heart Center that is not part of the tribal circuit.
These are people with a very competitive energy, manifesting recklessness and fearlessness. They love to shock and inspire those around them to great feats by going where others would be afraid. Excite and bring a sense of unpredictability to life.
The 25th Gate gives those with the 51st a sense of spirit or a desire to overcome themselves.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
Reference. The advantage of previous crisis experience.
Pluto exalted. The gift of re-examination that is the foundation of preparedness. The power of the ego conditioned by experience.
Venus in detriment. A tendency to emotional withdrawal after a shock. The weakness of the ego in times of challenge.
Line 2
Mars exalted. The recognition of the mechanics of shock that indicates when withdrawal is the only logical action. The instinctive withdrawal when the power of the ego is threatened.
Mercury in detriment. Being too smart for one's own good and rejecting withdrawal in the vain belief that one can outsmart natural forces. The egoism to reject withdrawal and face possible defeat.
Line 3
Sun exalted. The life-sustaining awareness that thinks on its feet and thus creates opportunities. The power of spontaneity in times of challenge.
Jupiter in detriment. The destabilization that occurs when one's field of normal activity is radically and unpredictably disturbed, where the tendency is withdrawal rather than adaptation. The ego that may be destabilized in times of challenge.
Line 4
Uranus exalted. A pure inventiveness and sometimes genius to find some opportunity even in the midst of the most devastating shocks. The warrior ego that will find some way to answer the challenge.
Mercury in detriment. A reasoned make-do mentality that is ineffectual in times of severe shock. The superficial ego that lacks the resources and depth to answer challenges.
Line 5
Sun exalted. Perfected illumination that in grasping the nature of the shock, can transform its normal patterns into a symmetrical adaptation that rides the shock and avoids its devastation. The perfection of the warrior ego through instinctive adaptation.
Mars in detriment. A tendency in seeking the core, to harmonize with one shock only to be over- whelmed by the next. The egoism to indulge in victory and lose vigilance.
Line 6
Sun exalted. In times of crisis when all those around are confused and in disorder, the ability not to succumb to the panic but to have the will and vitality to survive it alone. The power of the ego to meet challenges alone.
Pluto exalted. Curiously, the same gift, but one by its attitude that invites disapproval that in the extreme may even prevent a successful separation. The egoism to meet the challenge alone that may provoke and empower the challengers.

25 — 51 The Channel of Initiation
A Design of Needing to Be First

The desire and determination to achieve something more is born in the Heart Center. It is directly related to the material plane and the labor sphere and works best when focused on achieving specific goals in the material world.