Gate 45 Gathering Together (The Gatherer)

The energy to maintain control over resources and allow others to use them for a price. People able to foresee the future and prosperity of their community.
The Gate of Owner

Summary of the Gates in  Rave Chart Structure:

  • Center: Throat
  • Circuit: Ego
  • The Channel Money (21-45)
  • Quarter (II): Civilization
  • Deity: Lakshmi
  • Physiology: Thyroid gland
  • Additional notes: no

The 45th Gate can be symbolically described as the archetype of the monarch. This is the aristocratic leader of the tribe, who represents the voice of the community and puts the final seal on any new laws.
Such people are here to train others to interact most effectively for the welfare and prosperity of the community. The type of leadership is to rule traditionally, simply being at the top of the hierarchy.
The 45th always needs a prime minister (Gate 21) to lead the "kingdom" and not do something unpleasant and routine. Those with this Gate love it when others work for them, lead their projects, or help with family matters.

Lines — six stages of development of this energy and possible extremes in its manifestation:

Line 1
Jupiter exalted. The ability to promote and develop gathering together through the education of the uncommitted. The material direction lies in education.
Mars in detriment. An overzealousness that turns canvassing into proselytization and tends to alienate rather than gather support. The drive for material that leads to aggressive education.
Line 2
Consensus. Gathering together is strengthened by acknowledged common interest.
Uranus exalted. The inventiveness to establish techniques by which common ground can be assessed. A material direction through the expression of techniques for the benefit of others.
Mars in detriment. An innate rebellion against conformity. The refusal to accept the material techniques of others.
Line 3
Neptune exalted. The ability when excluded to take whatever measures are necessary to dissolve the antiquated form and to accept even humiliation to achieve inclusion. The instinct to find a way to be included in a material process.
Mars in detriment. An aggressive and often violent reaction to exclusion. The expression of frustration when not included in a material process.
Line 4
Jupiter exalted. The ability to focus the opportunity of gathering together for the service of higher principles. The expression of higher principles on the material plane.
Mars in detriment. The tendency to try to influence the direction of a group action for personal benefit. The lack of expression of higher principles on the material plane.
Line 5
Leadership. All gathering together must have a center and a focus.
Uranus exalted. The intuitive intellect and gift for innovation that enhance the group effort and ensure continuity through respect of the center. The gift for expressing leadership on the material plane.
Jupiter in detriment. A sense of right action that assumes a respect that may not as yet have been earned. The drive for leadership that may not have yet earned the right.
Line 6
Reconsideration. An outsider that can admit that its prior rejection was an error, will generally be accepted into the gathering.
Uranus exalted. An innate empathy with the outsider mentality and its eccentric and often misunderstood logic. A material direction which serves the outsider.
Jupiter in detriment. Where Uranus will innovate to find a place for an outsider, Jupiter will demand that it conforms. A material direction that is focused on conditioning the outsider to con- form.

21 — 45 The Channel of Money
A Design of a Convinced Materialist

This is the center of self-expression. Everything that happens in your Consciousness and at the Subconscious level finds its expression in the outer world through words or actions, that is, through the Throat Center.