Spleen Center in Human Design

Instinctual awareness is our most important security system, located in the Splenic Center. This Center instantly catches any threats from the outside, gives the necessary signals and makes you move in a safe direction. It is also responsible for the functioning of our immunity.
  • Functions in the Structure of the Psyche: Survival instincts, immune system
Spleen Center is definite in 55% of people, undefined in 45%.
Spleen Center

This Center contains seven Gates, the energies of which form people's instinctive awareness:

The Gate of Correction
In What Is Really Important to Correct
The Gate of the Game Player
In whether or not the Goal Is Worth the Struggle
The Gate of Continuity
In What Can Be Reviewed
The Gate of Alertness
In Who to Interact with
The Gate of Depth
In What Depth the Process should Carry
The Gate of Values
In What Values to Uphold
The Gate of Intuitive Clarity
In How to Achieve Intuitive Clarity
Profile Summary Spleen Centre

The Splenic works through fear, which increases vigilance. Each Gate of this Center carries a certain kind of fear - future, past, death, responsibility or failure - in order to properly respond to the daily problems of life and ensure our safety. 

Our instincts help us coordinate today's actions so that we can survive tomorrow, while our intuition guides us with quiet, subtle signals in the moment, which is why it is so easy to miss or not hear. 

Relying on a correctly functioning Splenic Center, a person is able to save a lot of energy, time and health, letting into life only what is healthy for him: food, people, places and situations.

Defined Splenic center
The body of the holders of a certain Splenic Center maintains health and lives through illness in a certain, fixed way. Their well-being does not depend on other people, and the immune system is constantly active. They get sick less often than the owners of an indeterminate Splenic, but if their immunity is "broken" under the onslaught of an overly neglected disease, then the consequences of such diseases can be very serious for the body as a whole. As a rule, such people lead a healthier lifestyle, as they intuitively understand what is useful for them and what is not very good. If such a person trusts his instincts and intuition, then he can avoid many problems with health and life in general, taking actions in time (sometimes illogical), which ultimately lead to a pleasant result.
Undefined Splenic center
Such people, of course, also have an instinct for self-preservation. But not so unreliable, as it appears and disappears, depending on the conditioning of the Splenic Center in those around them who are close to them. Such people are characterized by an innate sense of insecurity in the world. When alone, they often feel anxious and insecure. On the one hand, such openness actually sharpens the instincts, attentiveness and vigilance, and on the other hand, from birth it makes one look for a source of security in others. In correctness, the indeterminate Splenic Center can sense the level of other people's health and pinpoint the exact location of the problem in the body, its nature, and the most effective method of treatment - such people make excellent diagnosticians and healers. It is quite appropriate for them to be picky and fastidious, because the higher the quality of food, clothes, drinks, films, books and people around, the less health problems they have.
Open Splenic center
The Splenic Center teaches us how to properly handle our fears. When it is fully open, such people may simply not be aware of the reality of certain threats. Incorrectness, they tend to fix their lack of security in any way. Often this turns into a co-dependent relationship or an unhealthy need to avoid anything that looks even a little risky. Such people can rely on their intuition, but only when they are not conditioned by others. They should avoid spontaneous decisions and be more careful and selective, since they simply do not have an internal signal fire about the danger. They may feel unwell as a reflection of the health of people nearby, or, conversely, not notice the onset of the disease. It is useful for them to regularly undergo a complete examination by a doctor.
Do not forget that the consequences and nature of the conditioning of your indefinite or open Centers by the people around you and planetary transits directly depend on the correctness of your living your Design!
Keep in mind that the consequences and nature of the conditioning of your undefined or open Centres by the people around you and planetary transits directly depend on the correctness of your living your Design!