Root Center in Human Design

It is the center of adrenaline pressure and a powerful Motor that motivates us to be physically active. It helps you manage stress and be quick where you need it.
  • Functions in the Structure of the Psyche: Physical activity, stress resistance
Root Center is definite in 65% of people, undefined in 35%.
Root Center

There are nine Gates in this Center, the energies of which create adrenaline pressure in our body:

The Gate of Wanting
A Continual Pressure on Others to Bring Awareness to the Needs
The Gate of the Fighter
The Pressure to Keep Fighting
The Gate of the Provocateur
The Pressure to Provoke Emotions in Others
The Gate of Contraction
The Pressure to Seek New Feelings
The Gate of Inaction
The Pressure to Focus
The Gates of Beginnings
The Pressure to Begin Something New
The Gate of Ambition
The Pressure to Achieve More
The Gate of Vitality
The Pressure to Improve
The Gate of the Acceptance of Limitation
The Pressure to Change (to Mutate)
Profile Summary Root Centre

The Root Center puts pressure on a person, forcing him to do something, go somewhere, work, create, adapt, etc. It is an evolutionary pressure to live and develop. It is this Center that determines how a person will cope with stress and act in emergency situations. 

Stress is the natural fuel for this Motor, which gives strength to overcome obstacles, achieve goals and set records. Therefore, the point is not to protect yourself from stressful situations, but to correctly spend the released adrenaline, not suppressing it, but directing it in a useful direction.

Defined Root Center
The owners of a defined Root Center in the correct living of their Design are full of strength to move forward and stir up fellow travelers at the same time. They thrive in the thick of things and can handle their own stress and pressure. Such people are comfortable living at their own pace, and trying to hurry them up or slow them down is pointless. As a rule, they easily cope with routine tasks, do not put everything off until later, and are in time everywhere. They love and work effectively with tight deadlines and emergency cases.
Undefined Root Center
People with an undefined Root Center are very sensitive to outside pressure. Their natural state is relaxation. Left alone with themselves, they will first of all look for an opportunity to be in peace. Being under the influence of someone else's stress, such people will rush, trying to finish everything faster and free themselves. However, this "liberation" is followed by new tasks and stresses, and this path is endless. They should understand that there will always be some cases, and the most correct thing for them is to deal with them at a pace that is comfortable for them, without trying to redo everything in the next hour and without postponing the deadline for the last minutes. They can achieve outstanding results in any business if they work out of self-interest, and not on someone else's instructions. So that someone else's stress does not lead them into a state of nervousness and anxiety, they should learn to let it through themselves without getting involved in the action.
Open Root Center
With such a Center, people simply do not know what pressure is, how to deal with it, and when to rush. In incorrectness, someone else's stress and external pressure can simply paralyze, “freeze” them, making it impossible to do at least something. And with the correct living of their Design, they are able to act quickly, accurately and prudently in emergency situations, correctly using the pressure received and the released adrenaline. The potential of an open Root Center is to enjoy peace and, if necessary, to be faster than any Definite, because by reflecting, it enhances its energy. Learning to manage this pressure, to accept it as one of the integral parts of life, is not an easy job, which, however, gives many benefits as a result.
Do not forget that the consequences and nature of the conditioning of your indefinite or open Centers by the people around you and planetary transits directly depend on the correctness of your living your Design!
Keep in mind that the consequences and nature of the conditioning of your undefined or open Centres by the people around you and planetary transits directly depend on the correctness of your living your Design!