42-53 The Channel of Maturation

When your gift of Abstraction (42) combines with the energy of Development (53), the urge to start something new is balanced by the ability to let go of expectations and not interfere with the course of events. You have the wisdom that any cycle started must be developed to its limit and completed naturally. Attempts to initiate completion lead to a repetition of events, but in a different form. Your life is filled with an endless series of different cycles and processes that you strive to start over or initiate at every opportunity. You know how to make any process bloom, and when it is time to end it.
The Channel of Maturation
A Design of Balanced Development
  • Generating Channel
  • The Collective Sensing Circuit
Gift — Detachment
The energy to maximise personal growth potential and successful social development.
Gift — Expansion
Pressure to start any useful process as a way of avoiding stagnation and evolving by learning new things.