28-38 The Channel of Struggle

When your gift of Totality (28) combines with the energy of Perseverance (38), you gain the ability to exercise physical endurance and resist the pressures of external circumstances, based on a balanced perception of fear and risk of failure. You were born to be hardened by life itself, you know how to stand up for yourself and so you have to go through life alone.The main goal of a warrior is to be yourself and follow your own path, no matter what others say.
The Channel of Struggle
A Design of Perseverance in the Face of Challenges
  • Projected Channel
  • The Individual Knowing Circuit
Gift — Totality
The energy of excitement and conscious struggle for one's goal. This gate is connected with the need to understand or find meaning in life.
Gift — Perseverance
The energy of fight that is necessary for sustainable survival and is perceived as the meaning of life.