Sacred Center (Sacral) in Human Design

The Sacral center contains the energies of sexuality, productivity, and the daily creative energy that makes everything possible on our planet. This center-motor is a source of vital energy in its purest form, which is inherent only in Generators and Manifesting Generators.
  • Functions in the Structure of the Psyche: Vital energy, enthusiasm, sexuality
Sacral Center is definite in 70% of people, undefined in 30%.
Sacral Center

Includes nine Gates with the following energy properties:

The Gate of Ordering
The Energy for the Development of Initiated Processes
The Gate of Fixed Patterns
The Energy for Synchronising Rhythms
The Gate of Focus
The Energy of Determination and Commitment
The Gate of Power Skills
The Energy and Fuel of Efficiency
The Gate of Caring
The Energy to Care for the Tribe
The Gate of Consent
The Energy to Synthesise Collective Experience
The Gate of Power
Pure Vital Energy
The Gate of Growth
The Pressure to Finish What One Has Begun
The Gate of Sexuality
The Energy to Attract to Intimacy
Profile Summary Sacral Centre

The sacral center is a motor and a source of energy, possessing tremendous power, which can be directed both in a creative and destructive direction. It works differently for women and men and, ideally, synchronizes with the global natural rhythms.

This Center has a huge potential for endurance and its own frequency of work in each person. He works continuously from birth to the end of his life and has a so-called "stuck point" in which he needs rest, a break. After that, there is a transition to a new level. With incorrect handling of Sacral energy, exhaustion sets in and the desire to do anything at all disappears.

Defined Sacral Center
The sacral center is defined only for Generators and Manifesting Generators. Such people have an inexhaustible supply of internal energy. They vitally need activity, while the result is secondary, and most importantly - to do something to burn internal fuel. Following his inner response (an unconscious reaction of the body to a question or suggestion, accompanied by a tangible readiness to invest his energy in it), a person with a certain Sacral Center receives satisfaction from his life, and neglecting it, deprives himself of strength, depleting the margin of safety of his energy Motor.
Undefined Sacral Center
The owners of an undefined Sacral Center (Projectors, Manifestors) do not have constant internal access to vital energy and have less endurance. On some days, such people feel full of energy, and on some - devastated and powerless. Of course, they can succeed, but their results will be uneven. They should not work to exhaustion and constantly load the body, because if they overdo it with anything: food, work, sex, they will suffer on a physical level.
It is important for them to understand when to stop and learn how to delegate work to others. The sexuality of such people is conditional - they experience exactly the same sexual identity that their partner experiences. Therefore, they should not identify themselves with this feeling, they simply do not have their own, individual manner of sexual behavior, but they are capable of any form and type of contact.
Open Sacral center
People with an open Sacral Center do not know how to use their energy, where to invest it, and what it is all about. Ultimately, they can desire everything and everywhere and get involved in any activity and project. In incorrectness, the fully open Sacral Center always becomes exhausted fr om being overfill and overwhelmed by unsuitable activities.
In correctness, such people can direct the Sacral energy of those around them with pleasure and the deepest wisdom. This is precisely because they are able to impartially assess wh ere it is needed at the moment. They should be attentive to their own feelings and learn to exit the activity before they feel tired and exhausted.
Do not forget that the consequences and nature of the conditioning of your indefinite or open Centers by the people around you and planetary transits directly depend on the correctness of your living your Design!
Keep in mind that the consequences and nature of the conditioning of your undefined or open Centres by the people around you and planetary transits directly depend on the correctness of your living your Design!