29-46 The Channel of Discovery

When the energy of Selflessness (29) combines within you with a sense of inner Satisfaction (46) with yourself, the concepts of "luck" and synchronisation with the Flow become a natural result for you. From the Movement through life in relaxation and trust in your own destiny. You know better than anyone that the key to success that will allow you to enjoy life in peace is not the will of chance, but the result of hard work, a high level of self-management and the absence of any expectations in favour of more effort.
The Channel of Discovery
A Design of Succeeding Where Others Fail
  • Generating Channel
  • The Collective Sensing Circuit
Gift — Commitment
The energy to enter a new experience and stay in it for a while, regardless of limitations or moral discomfort.
The energy of love for your physical body and for the perfection of the material forms around you.