25-51 The Channel of Initiation

When the energy of your Openness (25) combines with the gift of Initiative (51), your ability to show love and friendliness to all things is strengthened by the power of will in allowing to be driven by the power of unconditional love and innocence. Combining these two qualities into a single force creates positive attitudes towards success in your mind, feeding and sustaining the powerful energy of competitiveness and luck within you. The need to be first in front of yourself pushes you to different feats. If you act consciously, take into account your Strategy, Authority and you are driven by a sense of Universe Love - you can safely enter new experiences.
The Channel of Initiation
A Design of Needing to Be First
  • Projected Channel
  • The Individual Centering Circuit
Gift — Acceptance
The energy of innate friendliness towards others and the manifestation of universal love.
Gift — Initiative
The energy to confront shock and awaken the inner spirit in others for a higher purpose.