Ajna Center (Mind) in Human Design

This is the Center of Mental Awareness, which is responsible for how a person thinks and processes the information, inspiration and thoughts that come to his head.
  • Functions in the Structure of the Psyche: Way of thinking, memory
Ajna Center is definite in 48% of people, undefined in 52%.
Ajna Center

This Center contains six Gates, the energies of which form mental awareness in people:

The Gate of Formulisation
In Constructing Logical Concepts
The Gate of Ideas
In What Ideas Are Worthy of Expression
The Gate of Opinions
In How to Justify Your Opinion to Others
The Gate of Rationalisation
In What Knowledge Carries the Potential
The Gate of Insight
In What Insights Lead to Knowledge
The Gate of Realisation
In Terms of What Makes Sense
Profile Summary Ajna

The uniqueness of our mind lies in its limitlessness: we can remember the past, observe the present, and anticipate the future. Our mind is designed to build concepts, invent something new, invent and create, enjoying the very process of thinking. He's great at exploring possibilities, but he's completely unsuited for making decisions.

In this Center, fears of ignorance and misunderstanding are rooted, which are expressed by anxiety and worry. But they lose their power as soon as a person realizes that the mind cannot be an internal Authority, and begins to make decisions in accordance with his Design.

Defined Ajna
The owners of a Defined Ajna have an unchanging type of thinking that is convenient for them personally. You can always rely on them and trust them, but this same certainty is limiting - after all, other ways of thinking are inaccessible to them. Such people have their own concepts, opinions and ideas, which are fun to think about, and which they either will not change at all or will change with great effort. They constantly think about something and look for new topics for reflection, love to learn and are interested in everything. So that the endless stream of thoughts and ideas does not become a problem, you can write them down or simply pronounce them to loved ones.
Undefined Ajna
Such people are free to choose how to analyze and process information and can use them depending on the situation. How they think and interpret information depends on the people who condition them. Such people are usually open to learning, but easily distracted: they may forget to turn off the iron at home, but they cannot be called frivolous. They find it difficult to think sustainably and concretely, which may lead them to believe that there is something wrong with them, and to collect information, teachers, and concepts in order to get rid of their inner turmoil.
But the point is not to fix your mind, but to live in accordance with your Nature, being incredibly flexible and receptive. The potential of undefined Ajna is the ability to "read" the thoughts of other people, which appears when a person ceases to be identified with his mind. And if this happens in the incorrect living of his Design, such a person is able to implement the ideas and projects of people who were just next to him, without getting any pleasure or benefit from it.
Open Ajna
When there is not a single certainty in this Center and there are no active Gates, a person does not know what and how to think about. If he lives his Design incorrectly, he can completely rely on other people (deities, authorities), who tell him what to do. He is constantly proving something to himself or others, looking for and not finding the truth on which to rely.
In correctness, the Open Ajna has simply amazing potential: such a mind can learn to think in all possible ways, understand any point of view, it is curious and interested in everything. His gift is to rejoice in the very fact of knowledge, the process of thinking, philosophy, history and science. He was simply created in order to be free from stereotypes and prejudices and to share with other people the breadth of views that are available to him all at once.
Do not forget that the consequences and nature of the conditioning of your undefined or open Centers by the people around you and planetary transits directly depend on the correctness of your living your Design!
Keep in mind that the consequences and nature of the conditioning of your undefined or open Centres by the people around you and planetary transits directly depend on the correctness of your living your Design!