37-40 The Channel of Community

When the desire for Equality (37) combines with the energy of Determination (40), your commitment to caring for your inner circle or family multiplies your endurance and willpower to live out your role in the community and thus see your place in the bigger picture. This channel represents the foundation of any society - the family and family relationships. To maintain a natural balance in all aspects of your life, you need to wait until you are invited into a community. You should clarify all points of interaction, and openly discuss responsibilities, then your alliance will be long-lasting and productive.
The Channel of Community
A Design of Being a Part Seeking a Whole
  • Projected Channel
  • The Tribal Ego Circuit
Gift — Equality
The energy to rally like-minded people around you. An innate desire to be part of a group, a tribe, a family.
Gift — Resolve
The energy to manifest ego determination or willpower. The ability to survive and act effectively alone.