12-22 The Channel of Openness

When your gift of Discernment (12) combines with the energy of Benevolence (22), you begin to feel a powerful energy that needs to be expressed to the outside world. But this energy will fully transmit your mood and your inner emotional background to others. You need to wait and love what you do - then your self-expression will mutate the other person. In this way, you will form new social ties correctly. This is not the main task or need, but a simple consequence of the channel energy expression.
The Channel of Openness
A Design of a Social Being
  • Manifesting Channel
  • The Individual Knowing Circuit
Gift — Discrimimation
The energy to speak from the heart, conveying feelings and emotions in their individual way.
Gift — Graciousness
The energy to hear and understand the emotional desires of the collective or those people who are close to you.