26-44 The Channel of Surrender

When your gift of Persuasion (26) combines with the energy of Interaction (44), you have an innate ability to effectively sell any valuable message, product or creative truth to others, receiving fair compensation from society for your labours, and you know exactly how to achieve your goal. You have an innate gift for adapting your own messages correctly and precisely for each particular group of people or person. If you stop controlling with your mind and planning how your interaction will go, you will start attracting what are called miracles or happy coincidences into your life.
The Channel of Surrender
A Design of a Transmitter of a Product (Service) for a Fair Reward
  • Projected Channel
  • The Tribal Ego Circuit
Gift — Artfulness
The energy of influencing other people in order to convince them of the need or benefits of interacting with you.
Gift — Teamwork
This energy allows you to review past patterns, assess current resources and identify actions to take.